Arkansas Christian Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers

The state of Arkansas offers a variety of addiction treatment options including Christian rehab programs. These programs allow individuals to overcome addiction while strengthening their faith in a higher power.

Alcohol is a socially accepted substance, typically consumed at parties, celebrations or family get-togethers. But when it’s consumed excessively or not consumed responsibly, it can lead to dependence. Alcohol dependence can be damaging, but not just in terms of the health of the person who has developed the addiction, but to the family and friends of said person as well.

Every state has citizens that battle alcohol dependence – and Arkansas is no exception. Of the 2.95 million people that reside in Arkansas, 516,000 have admitted to alcohol use within the past month and 88,000 are identified as being dependent on the substance. Furthermore, 189,000 are either identified as being dependent on alcohol or having had abused alcohol, and about 180,000 are identified as requiring treatment for their alcohol issues, but not currently in any treatment programs.

When it comes to treatment options, however, there are several routes people may choose from. One is Christian-based recovery centers. According to the U.S. Census, there are approximately 210,000 people living in Arkansas who identify themselves as Christians. Seeking treatment in such a facility helps use faith to inspire healing.

The Value of Christian Treatment

There are various types of treatment options for people battling addiction, such as holistic and alternative therapy. Christian-based treatment is another that is proven to effectively heal and help people overcome issues of dependence. Such centers put a strong emphasis on spiritual reflection and use the Bible as motivation and inspiration for helping people overcome this difficult challenge.

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In Christian treatment centers, God’s love is strongly emphasized as a means of helping people grow stronger and garner inspiration to build confidence in themselves to overcome alcohol dependence and get healthy. Such centers also typically blend individual, one-on-one counseling with group therapy sessions to give patients a well-rounded scope of treatment on their respective roads to recovery. Upon completion of treatment, patients not only find themselves healthy and free from alcohol dependence, but also stronger in their relationship with God.

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