Addiction Treatment Centers With Strong Christian Views

People who are struggling with drug addiction often turn to a higher power to aid in their recovery. Perhaps that’s why Christian-based addiction treatment centers have become so widespread. In fact, Christianity has long been one of the most important forces in directing and applying drug rehabilitation. That influence has helped create a positive and healthy treatment culture that can save the lives of anyone who can’t seem to shake their addiction.

The Deep Influence Of Christianity On Drug Rehabilitation

Christianity has been at the forefront of rehabilitation for centuries, being one of the first groups or religions to take the problem of drug and alcohol addiction seriously. As early as colonial America, Christian missionaries were working hard to help settlers and Native Americans to quit drinking.

The focus of their efforts was a faith-based rejection of alcohol: they preached finding inner strength through a strong relationship with God. Later on, charitable organizations like The Salvation Army were formed. These groups actually created some of the first alcohol addiction rehabilitation centers in the world, hundreds of years before it became common.

As the years went on and newer drugs came in vogue, Christian groups continued to combat addiction. Their influence was so widespread that by the 1900s, even psychologists with no religious affiliation were utilizing the anti-drug and rehabilitation techniques devised by Christian groups.

The formation of Alcoholics Anonymous in the 1930s was influenced both by the plague of people addicted to alcohol in the wake of Prohibition and the influence of past Christian rehabilitation efforts. This affiliation just shows how important faith has always been to drug rehab.

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The Importance Of The Access To Recovery Program

In the past, it was often difficult for many faith-based rehabilitation services to get the funding they needed. As a result, they were often limited in the services they could offer. However, George Bush helped in this fight by signing the Access to Recovery Program Act into law in 2001.

The formation of this group was an important step in creating a more open and diverse Christian-based rehabilitation experience. Essentially, it opened up more grant money to a variety of groups that were engaged in combating drug addiction. One of the chief tenets of the act was to give Christian-based rehabilitation groups access to more funding.

As a result, underfunded and struggling Christian anti-drug organizations have been given the chance to expand and to integrate an even wider range of treatment methods. In fact, with greater access to funding, many Christian rehabilitation organizations now offer completely free services to anyone struggling with the demons of addiction.

The Spiritual Power Of Christianity-based Rehabilitation

The primary benefit of attending addiction treatment centers with strong Christian views is the way they support your spiritual health. Christian rehabilitation centers offer a wide range of activities and services that are designed to focus strictly on your religious and spiritual health. These activities include:

  • Bible study groups
  • Prayer sessions
  • Meditation
  • Group therapy
  • Anti-drug education
  • Discussions on spiritual verses related to addiction

These activities will run concurrently with other addiction treatment options, such as detoxification, psychological counseling, cognitive behavior therapy, and even holistic treatment options (such as yoga and exercise). This variety of treatment options is designed to treat your addiction at multiple important levels.

Finding A Faith-Based Rehab Center

The widespread nature of Christian rehabilitation makes it very easy to find a center with strong Christian views. Often, these centers will have a Christian title, including the names of various saints, that indicate their Christian views. Others will be named after specific denominations.

The best way to find a Christian rehabilitation center is to simply call up and ask them about their religious options. Most centers will be glad to discuss any affiliation they may possess, as well as the treatment options they offer. This can give you a good idea of what to expect from their services.

Reach Out For The Help You Deserve

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