Can I Take My Cholesterol Medication To Rehab?

Entering rehab for alcohol addiction can seem daunting. There may be a lot on your mind; you might be stressed; maybe you’re even feeling angry that you are headed into rehab and the furthest thing from your mind is what you are allowed to bring. Or maybe, depending on your situation, if this is your first time going into a rehab facility, you may be wondering what you can bring: such as cholesterol medication. A general rule of thumb is that if you have prescription medications, you may not necessarily have to worry about bringing them. Most facilities will have a staff member administer your prescription medication (including cholesterol medication) because those types of medications should already be on-site. Depending on which rehab facility you check into, visit their website, call the facility, or talk to your doctor and make sure what items you can and cannot bring.

Some facilities differ on what types of medicines you’re able to have along with you. For example, some facilities allow you to bring over-the-counter medications, but only if they are new and unopened. And some places allow you to bring multi-vitamins. Also, even after checking what items are generally allowed at the facility, if you are still unsure about whether your prescription medication is acceptable, it is best to ask. Sometimes certain prescription medications are allowed on-site or not allowed, depending on the individual and a case-by-case basis. Some medicines may be allowed for you and not others and vice-versa.

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Habit-Forming Medications: Not Allowed In Rehab

In general, any drug that can be habit-forming, such as benzodiazepines or opioids, will not be allowed. Non-habit-forming medications, such as SSRIs or antidepressants, will be allowed. You and your healthcare provider will be able to determine what medications you will be allowed and from there your medicines will be locked away or placed wherever patients do not have access. Then a member of the staff at the rehab facility will administer those medications to you as they are prescribed.

Some medications can actually cause harm to your progress in treatment because they could trigger your addictions. Your doctor (and rehab facility) will check to make sure that the prescription drugs that you are taking will not affect your addiction. If that is the case, a safer medication will commonly be prescribed in its place.

If you are about to go into rehab and are in a hurry to find quick answers, here is a general recap:

  • You may be able to leave your prescription medications at home. Most facilities will have common prescription medications already there to administer to you. Check first before your arrival at the rehab facility whether you need to bring specific medications (such as cholesterol medication) or if you can leave them at home.
  • Visit the website or call the facility if you are unsure of what prescription medications are allowed. Sometimes it varies and depends on an individual basis.
  • Not all facilities are the same. If you attended one rehab facility but have switched to another, always check their rules and policies. Things might have changed.
  • You and your doctor will determine which medications you will absolutely need to take with you and then those medications will be administered by the staff.
  • Habit-forming drugs will not be allowed and non-habit-forming drugs should be allowed. Again, ask if you have questions.
  • If your rehab facility thinks a certain medication may cause delayed progress in your treatment (such as triggering an addiction), they will prescribe a safer alternative.
  • When in doubt about your prescription medications, always ask for clarification.

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