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Can I Bring My Laptop Computer To A Drug Or Alcohol Rehab?

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

Medically reviewed by

Isaac Alexis, M.D., AAMA, AMP-BC

February 26, 2019

Laptops have become a vital way to stay in touch with the world through e-mail and other important internet communication methods. Thankfully, an increasing number of drug rehabilitation centers are starting to allow people to bring and use laptops during their recovery. These centers understand how access to these vital pieces of electronics can actually aid in the recovery process.

Conceptions Of Effective Drug Rehabilitation Are Changing

In the past, drug rehabilitation centers often focused on isolating their guests as much as possible from the outside world. The idea was that this kept them away from outside influences that may have promoted further drug use, overdoses, or relapses. And electronic items, such as cell phones and laptops, were banned from centers because they could break that sense of isolation.

However, new holistic approaches to drug rehabilitation have found that complete sense of isolation can actually be harmful for a person recovering from drug addiction. In fact, it has been shown that it can leave them ill-prepared to acclimate to the outside world in a meaningful and constructive way.

Access Will Depend On The Center

While access to laptops has become an increasing reality in rehab centers across the country, it isn’t a universal right or privilege. Some still cling to the notion that complete isolation is essential for recovery. As a result, they either outright ban laptop and cell phone use or strongly discourage people from bringing them to the center.

However, an increasing number of private rehab centers (especially executive drug rehabilitation) now understand that laptop access is vital to recovery. In these centers, laptops are commonly used for reasons such as:

  • Access to e-mail for business owners
  • Ability to telecommute for work
  • Staying in touch with friends and family
  • Entertainment and relaxation from the difficulties of rehab
  • Keeping an eye on current events

The latter point is a sometimes ignored benefit. Remember: people often spend three or more months in a drug rehabilitation center. Important current events, such as wars and important sporting events, may pass them by. Access to online news sources through the Internet helps them feel more in touch with reality and the outside world.

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Use Guidelines Will Also Vary

Each rehab center will have rules that guide your laptop use. Some will restrict your usage to a few hours or less a day. Some may not allow you to bring your own laptop, but will provide one for you and limit your accessible online content.

However, those strict guidelines are becoming increasingly rare. More centers are allowing their guests to bring their own laptop with minimal restrictions on their use. Few centers will allow you to bring them to treatment sessions, such as a detoxification procedure. However, access during your own free time may be unlimited.

The Benefits Of Laptop Access In Drug Rehabilitation Centers

Generally speaking, holistic rehab centers allow the best laptop access. That’s because holistic drug rehabilitation focuses on treating every aspect of a person’s addiction. Its philosophy dictates that recovery is aided by creating a comfortable, relaxed, and happy state of mind in each person recovering from addiction. And allowing people access to laptops and the internet helps foster that state of mind.

This is especially true for people who need internet access for business reasons. For example, if a business owner is isolated from the operation of his company, they are going to worry about how everything is running. As a result, stress levels will rise and make their recovery more difficult.

With laptop and internet access, they will be able to track their business operation and make sure everything is running smoothly. This will greatly decrease their stress level and make their rehab more enjoyable and successful.

However, the benefits of laptop and internet access in drug rehab aren’t limited to business owners. For example, a mother with five children may feel isolated without regular contact with her children.

Laptops with internet access will allow her to send e-mail, private chat messages, or even set up video calls. This access to her children will decrease her stress, make her feel more loved, and increase the effectiveness of her recovery.

Finding A Rehab Center Near You

The increased use of laptops at drug rehabilitation centers have made them a more attractive option for many people struggling to beat their addiction. If you’re currently suffering from drug addiction and feel like you need help, please don’t hesitate to contact us at Our expert advisers can help you find drug rehabilitation near you that allows you to use laptops. Remember: your life is precious and you deserve the chance to live a clean and drug-free life.

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