20 Vermont Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Women in Vermont who are struggling with substance abuse or addiction may find that their best chance at success is by attending a gender-specific treatment program. Vermont offers several women’s only rehab centers to help women get back on the path to an addiction-free life.

Many women are afraid of enrolling in a substance abuse program because of its co-ed setting. Sexual abuse and domestic violence are often associated with female addiction problems. For these reasons, women may not be completely comfortable in a traditional treatment facility setting.

That is when a drug and alcohol rehab program solely for women can be of service. Being surrounded by females who are dealing with the exact same challenges as you may help you achieve your recovery goals. These facilities not only address the addiction, but the emotional well-being of a woman. They also take into consideration that many women often have children that need care, and oftentimes invite them into treatment with their mothers. Daycare and therapy options for children are often located on-site. Fortunately, Vermont has quite a few quality treatment options for women.

Just how many Vermont women are receiving professional help? Nearly 40 percent of all substance abuse admissions in 2013 were women, according to one state profile report. Vermont women were treated for every type of substance abuse, including heroin, cocaine, other opiates, and alcohol.

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Recovery Begins with a Vermont Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment Program

Lund Family Center

Located in Burlington, this facility offers outpatient and residential substance abuse treatment for pregnant women and mothers. The center offers comprehensive services that include health care, psychiatric care, and case management to women, their children, and other family members. The program focuses on treating the addiction, addressing the mental aspects that affect the lives of women, and identifying each of their strengths to optimize their life potential.

Phoenix House Rise

This is a sober living facility in Brattleboro for women who have undergone residential treatment and are in recovery from alcohol and drug addiction. Generally, women live at RISE (Recovery in an Independent Sober Environment) for 3 to 24 months. The atmosphere promotes healing and works on rebuilding trust, dignity, and hope. In addition to housing, group and individual therapy are offered to women residents.

Valley Vista

Located in Bradford, Valley Vista offers a residential treatment program to women, including those who are pregnant. Generally, treatment is longer than 90 days. Women have access to individual and group therapy to help cope with trauma, anxiety, and depression, which are commonly found among females. Priority treatment is given to pregnant women, and those who face high-risk pregnancies are connected to treatment with outside obstetrical specialists.

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