116 Texas Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Texas offers many suitable treatment facilities for women struggling with substance abuse. A treatment center that offers specific programming, designed for women, can provide much more than a traditional program and may even help end addiction faster.

Many women are used to putting the needs of others before their own, particularly the needs of their children. No woman wants to be considered selfish. But when addiction enters her life, it certainly changes things. Anyone struggling with substance abuse should make getting help a top priority.

A 2013 government report found that women made up 41 percent of substance abuse admissions in Texas. Women were in treatment for every type of substance abuse, including alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and other opiates.

Make the decision to start your recovery today by exploring the many treatment opportunities for women that Texas offers. With locations all over the state, you are bound to find the perfect fit for you.

Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Women in Texas

Nexus Recovery Center

Located in Dallas, this nonprofit facility offers substance abuse treatment to women, including those who are pregnant or have dependent children. The facility offers detoxification as a first step to women who are in need of it and residential stay. Mothers can bring up to three children with them to residential treatment. There is on-site childcare for non-school-aged children. Treatment includes parenting and family education.

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Alpha Home

This facility is situated in San Antonio. The Alpha Home Residential Treatment Program is for adult women who require substance abuse treatment in a home-like setting. The average length of stay is 70 days. Each woman is given an individualized treatment plan that includes counseling, peer support groups, working with a 12 step sponsor, and job training.

ADA Women’s Center

This is a residential facility located in Galveston that offers exclusive substance abuse treatment for women. During intensive treatment, women participate in 30 hours of therapy each week, and attend daily 12 step meetings, in addition to individual weekly counseling sessions. The program offers specialized services for women, such as parenting and trauma-informed treatment. Generally, treatment lasts between 14 and 45 days.

Enroll in a treatment program that is designed specifically for women. Women face unique barriers when it comes to addiction. A Texas rehab facility solely for women understands and provides for those specific needs. Whether you need childcare or the support of other women for inspiration, know that you can find it all at a woman’s treatment program.

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