28 Nevada Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Most women try their best to be Superwoman, mom or wife. But simply put, a substance addiction problem is anything but heroic. However, it is unheroic not to treat your addiction.

Research has shown that recovery rates are higher for women who enroll in a women-only therapy program. Nevada has quite a few drug and alcohol rehab centers with women’s programs. These facilities offer the extra support and encouragement that females often need in an unintimidating and safe environment.

Approximately 38 percent of substance abuse rehab patients in 2013 were women. Nevada women were treated for everything from alcohol abuse to heroin. Reports show about 35 percent of state facilities offer women-only programs as well as special services to pregnant and postpartum women struggling with substance abuse.

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Find a Women’s Substance Treatment Program in Nevada

Westcare Foundation

Located in the Las Vegas and Henderson areas, this nonprofit offers several substance abuse addiction services solely for women. The Serenity Program is a residential home for women 18 and over. This program offers therapeutic treatment that works on the belief that behavioral change can occur through positive peer support. Residents will participate in group counseling, lectures, and self-help support groups that reinforce positive lifestyle choices. Level I and level II outpatient services are offered to pregnant and parenting women who battle substance abuse. There is also a residential program for pregnant and postpartum women with their children. This program allows them to continue their recovery while focusing on family reunification and learning parenting skills.

Step 2

Located in Reno, this facility offers treatment in an all-female setting to women 18 and older, pregnant and postpartum, inpatient and outpatient. The organization provides comprehensive services including substance abuse treatment, outpatient, residential and transitional housing, childcare, parenting education, and domestic violence intervention and prevention. Step 2 also offers aftercare, alumni events, and other special programming.

Walter Hoving Home

This home is a residential, spiritually based facility in Las Vegas for women ages 18 and over with drug or alcohol addiction. The nonprofit offers a 6- or 12-month communal living program where women stay in a supportive and nurturing environment. The goal of the program is to help women break free of their addictions and other life-controlling problems. Through education, skills, and training, women learn to reintegrate into society. Women can also electively live at the home for an additional 6 months or up to a year for ongoing developmental support.

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