157 Illinois Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Women who struggle with addiction may benefit most from customized addiction treatment services. The state of Illinois is home to a number of rehab centers that specialize in the treatment of women who suffer from substance abuse. Learn how to find the right treatment program in Illinois for you or a loved one today.

Women may have a hard time uttering the word “addiction” due to the connotation it evokes. Females want to be seen in a positive light amongst their peers, friends and family, rather than face what negativity it may bring. The truth of the matter is, not taking action will do much more damage to you and your family.

In Illinois, there is help for women who struggle with drug and alcohol addiction all over the state. A 2012 survey conducted by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration found that 36 percent of the more than 36,000 patients reported in treatment were women. Cocaine was one of the most commonly abused drugs, and females made up 46 percent of the population addicted to cocaine.

The state of Illinois understands that women sometimes need a more nurturing environment amongst other females for recovery. For this reason, there are many women-only drug and alcohol rehab treatment program opportunities. From mothers to pregnant women, these programs are designed with every female in mind.

Illinois Drug and Alcohol Addiction Treatment for Women

The Women’s Treatment Center (TWTC)

This Chicago-based residential addiction program cares for women with children as well as pregnant women in need of prenatal care and detoxification. The center allows for women to recover from addiction while living with their children so drug-free newborns can enter the world. Recovery housing is also available to graduates of the rehabilitation programs. Programs are designed to be affordable and provide equal access to all.

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Haymarket Center

This Chicago nonprofit addiction treatment center offers women, including pregnant and postpartum, drug treatment either free or at a very low cost. The facility also serves as an alternative to incarceration programs. Services include medical detoxification, long-term rehab to women, including new mothers and pregnant women, as well as pre- and neonatal care and life skills training. Transitional housing is also available to those who graduate from other programs.

Timberline Knolls

Situated in Lemont on a private 43-acre campus, this residential treatment center serves as a place of recovery for women ages 12 and up with addiction to one or more chemical substances. Clients stay for at least 30 days to discover the root cause of the substance abuse and identify triggers. The treatment center believes in a holistic approach, with therapy that heals the mind, body, and spirit all at once.

Know that there is still hope for you or a loved one that struggles with substance abuse. Illinois offers countless programs that specialize in women’s treatment care. You are certain to find a perfect match for you!

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