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74 Connecticut Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

It can be difficult for a woman to accept the fact that she has an addiction problem. It is not uncommon for women to put off going into rehab because they feel ashamed or guilty. Others avoid it because they put the needs of others before their own. However, every day that you go without proper care for your addiction can put your life further at risk. Connecticut offers a variety of rehab options designed specifically for the needs of women.

Follow the lead of other Connecticut women with addiction problems and enroll in treatment. Many facilities within the state understand that women require special attention because addiction affects them differently than men. A survey of Connecticut’s treatment facilities in 2011 found that 45 percent of facilities offered women-only programs – which is nearly 10 percent more than what was offered to men at that time. Also, about 19 percent of facilities offered special treatment for pregnant and postpartum women.

Whether you’re a wife, a mom, or just a female who wants to feel normal again, just know that help is readily available in Connecticut.

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