143 Colorado Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Evidence has shown that addiction affects women differently than men. Women are subjected to tremendous guilt for their substance abuse problems, particularly if children are in the picture. They often feel that they are being judged by their female peers and the rest of society. Fortunately, Colorado has numerous rehabs dedicated to the treatment of addiction specifically in women.

Like anywhere else, Colorado has its share of women struggling with substance abuse. According to a 2013 survey conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, of the more than 86,000 reported in treatment, more than a quarter were women. One of the most widely used drugs was cocaine, with about 46 percent of users in treatment being women. Additionally, about 50 percent of users in treatment for amphetamines, tranquilizers, and sedatives were women.

If you or a loved one is in need of help, there is hope. Care is readily available in Colorado, as there are a number of facilities that offer drug addiction treatment programs targeted to women.

Women’s Substance Abuse Treatment in Colorado

Addiction is a complicated illness that can present unique threats to women’s health. Medical research has shown that women who consume alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs may develop substance use disorders and even substance-related health problems faster than men. A program for women only understands these complications and knows how to treat them.

Harmony Foundation

This facility in Estes Park offers a 30-day women’s comprehensive addiction treatment program. All female clients at the Harmony Foundation are assigned to a gender-specific group, as well as a particular counselor for individual sessions to work with over the course of her journey. Patients attend 12 step meetings, and aftercare is provided at two locations.

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Arapahoe House Aspen Center

Located in Westminster, this facility provides safe and private services for pregnant and postpartum women suffering from substance abuse. A few of the center’s objectives are to deliver healthy babies, minimize or stop drug use during and after pregnancy, and promote a safe environment for raising children.

Arapahoe House Littleton Center

Arapahoe House offers several programs, including “New Directions for Families,” which is designed for mothers who require residential treatment for substance addiction as well as those with mental health issues. Services are for mothers and their dependent children. Residential treatment normally lasts for 4 months, but treatment does continue for several months afterwards on an outpatient and case management level. While in residential treatment, mothers learn parenting and other life skills that promote a drug-free life and healthy parenting.

Addiction can affect women mentally and physically, and in ways that only other recovered women addicts can understand. Get the support you need by enrolling in one of these women-only programs.

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