573 California Women’s Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers

Addiction is a disease that doesn’t discriminate against women, but it can certainly weigh more heavily on them. Women often feel embarrassment and are unfairly judged by society, more so than their male counterparts. Fortunately, California has a variety of addiction treatment programs designed specifically for the needs of women battling substance abuse.

In a 2013 survey conducted by Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, of the more than 159,000 patients reported in treatment by participating facilities, about 37 percent were women. The substances most often abused by women were tranquilizers and sedatives, making up slightly more than 50 percent of reported abuse of these drugs. The use of opiates was also sizable, with nearly 48 percent of the users being women.

Addressing substance dependency is the only way to start on a road to recovery. Fortunately, there is help available across the state of California.

Drug Addiction Treatment for Women in California

In an all-female treatment environment, a woman is with supportive peers and staff. She gets the reassurance that there will be less interference with her recovery. Many of these programs also have the well-being of a woman’s children in mind. Some of the programs offer residence for children, or on-site daycare, as well as parenting and coping classes that are also beneficial for the entire family.

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Safe Haven

This women-only drug and alcohol treatment facility is located in Costa Mesa. The facility offers detox treatment, residential treatment care, partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient treatment, as well as continuing care. Women patients can feel comfortable knowing that they are being cared for by an all-women team of professionals.

The Rose

Located in Newport Beach, this facility operates in a home-like setting for women struggling with substance addiction. The center understands that women experience addiction quite differently than men, which is why the program focuses on struggles that only women face. There is also a family program that includes monthly functions, such as lectures, workshops, and counseling.

Magnolia Recovery Center

This is a long-term residential substance abuse facility that serves pregnant and postpartum women with children under 7 years old in Hayward. Individual treatment plans are created based on each client’s assessment of needs. In addition to drug addiction treatment, life skills are also taught to enhance the lives of these families.

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