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Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Wisconsin

Substance abuse doesn’t discriminate. So while challenges with drugs or alcohol may be more synonymous with adults, teenagers also suffer from substance abuse and addiction. Fortunately, Wisconsin has several rehab programs specializing in teen addiction treatment to ensure they get the help they need.

And just as substance abuse is a national issue with adults, it’s also a nation-wide problem with teenagers. Take the state of Wisconsin, for example. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), it’s estimated that some 9,700 residents ages 12 to 17 took some type of illicit drug in the past 30 days. About 14,900 Wisconsin residents of the same age consumed alcohol within the past month.

The long term statistics paint an even more bleak picture for teen substance abuse in Wisconsin. About 3,500 teens have been identified as having abused or currently being dependent on alcohol over the past year, while more than 4,200 teens have been identified as having the same abuse or dependence issues when it comes to illicit drugs. Perhaps most alarmingly of all, some 3,600 teens have been identified by SAMHSA as needing treatment for drug issues, but currently, aren’t receiving it. About 3,300 have been identified as needing treatment for alcohol issues, yet aren’t receiving it.

However, help isn’t as far away as many teens and adolescents perceive it to be, in Wisconsin and nationwide. That’s because many more recovery centers are dedicating programs just for teens. Other recovery centers are designed exclusively for teens.

Teen Treatment Basics

It’s important that there are special treatment programs that cater to teens because teens are much different than adults to treat. There are a few major reasons why this is so. For starters, teens typically have a much lower tolerance than adults, which can make substance abuse issues highly dangerous for this age group. Secondly, the brain of a teen or adolescent usually hasn’t fully developed yet – this can also have an impact on how teens handle issues with drugs or alcohol. And, last but not least, it’s usually not the teen’s decision to seek help for substance abuse issues – it’s typically the decision of either their parent or guardian. This makes targeted treatment programs all the more important, as they have to really find a way to connect with the teen. Usually, this is done by putting a strong focus on family and on positive alternative activities.

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Cities With Teen Substance Abuse Centers In Wisconsin

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