Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Tennessee

When it comes to overcoming challenges with alcohol or drugs, the first step is normally admitting that there’s a problem that is affecting your life. And while adults may need familial intervention when it comes to this step in getting healthy, this is one big area where teens and adults differ in overcoming substance abuse challenges. That’s because teenagers are almost always directed into rehabilitation – whether it’s of the inpatient or outpatient variety – by their parent or legal guardian. Yes, teens are much less likely to admit that there’s a problem, which can present further challenges when it comes to overcoming such issues – and that’s why specialized teen recovery programs or rehabilitation centers that exclusively treat teens are so important.

Substance abuse is a nationwide problem, both when it comes to adults and adolescents, and the state of Tennessee is no exception. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, or SAMHSA, about 8,500 Tennessee residents ages 12 to 17 used an illicit drug within the past 30 days. Furthermore, about 10,100 residents of the same age have consumed alcohol within the same time period. The SAMHSA data when it comes to teen alcohol consumption and drug use becomes even more alarming with a larger sample size. For instance, SAMHSA data states that about 3,300 Tennessee teens have been identified as either dependent on alcohol or abusing alcohol within the past year. In terms of drug abuse or dependence, some 3,500 teens have been identified. What’s more is that 3,250 teens have been identified by SAMHSA as needing but not receiving treatment for drug use, while about 3,100 have been identified similarly when it comes to alcohol.

The good news is that there are a rising number of teen recovery centers nationwide, including in the state of Tennessee, to provide teens and adolescents the treatment that they need to get healthy.

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About Teen Substance Abuse Treatment

Treating teens for substance abuse is different from treating adults in a few notable ways. We already mentioned one of the significant differences above, in that teens are less likely to admit themselves into programs and often have to be pushed by their parents or guardians. This has a tendency to make treating them more challenging, which is why holistic and alternative methods have proven beneficial. There’s also a big focus on family and replacing negative habits with positive ones, like school and sports, in teen recovery programs.

Teens are also likely to have lower tolerance when it comes to substances, which can impact their treatment. They’re also at a stage in life where their brain has yet to fully develop, and substances can have an impact on their behavior perhaps more so than adults.

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