Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In South Dakota

Teen Rehab Centers in South DakotaFor adolescents in South Dakota, the threat of substance abuse remains a pressing concern. According to data compiled by SAMHSA, between 6.31 and 7.51 percent of the people between 12 and 17 have used an illicit drug in the past month. Additionally, within that same age group, between 2.32 and 2.82 percent of the population is in need of substance abuse treatment but is not receiving it. Each year, there are also an estimated 6,000 instances of major depressive episodes among adolescents between 12 and 17, contributing to addiction and further supporting the idea that these patients are in need of high-quality facilities that can help them recover.

Fortunately, these teens are still in the early years of their life. When families and friends start to notice a problem, they can encourage the patient to begin receiving treatment. Loved ones might notice the patient experiencing behavioral changes, lack of hygiene, academic problems, or even physical signs of drug use, such as drug paraphernalia or track marks on the arms. The right help can help get patients healthy again, empowering them to take control over their lives.

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Adolescent substance abuse treatment

Youth who abuse substances unfortunately are at risk for a variety of health and social problems. They often perform poorly at school and may start to skip classes. The substance abuse also impairs their cognitive skills. Youths who use illicit substances also are at an increased risk of death through illnesses, suicide, homicide, and accidents. Patients might hurt their relationships with their friends and family.

There are a few different options for treatment for these patients. Patients can enter an inpatient facility if they need 24/7 help and support. Patients with a strong support system or a less severe substance abuse problem might succeed in an outpatient facility. Patients and their families should carefully evaluate the intensity of the treatment needed and make the decision most in light with what the patient should have to begin recovery.

It is becoming increasingly common for facilities to offer a number of different treatment options, including alternative or holistic treatments. While these treatments can vary widely, from music therapy to acupuncture, they are designed to help patients heal their entire bodies, minds, and spirits.

Substance abuse treatment for teens in South Dakota

There are a number of treatment centers available throughout the state of South Dakota, including these three facilities.

Horse Play Productions Health Center in Rapid City

This center offers outpatient treatment for adolescents and teens. They provide personalized care for patients in a number of different situations, including those who need special services– such as ASL translation, patients who require dual diagnosis treatment and those who have HIV/AIDS. Holistic and alternative treatment options are available, which can help patients tailor their care towards their needs.

Volunteers of America Dakotas Heisler Treatment Center in Sioux Falls

This center provides both inpatient and outpatient care. The inpatient treatment options generally last between 60 and 120 days. Patients will also have access to holistic or alternative treatment options, which can help them personalize their treatment plan.

Community Counseling Services Alcohol and Drug Treatment Unit and Huron

This center provides both inpatient partial hospitalization and outpatient treatment options. Patients struggling with co-occurring disorders, such as depression or anxiety, will find the treatment they need at this facility. Alternative and holistic options may also be available, helping patients find the help they need to have a successful recovery.

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It can be intimidating to try and learn about the number of different treatment options available to adolescent patients and to understand the issues that led to the substance abuse problem. Patients and their loved ones can count on us at RehabCenter.net to help them obtain and understand the information they need to get started on the path towards recovery. Don’t hesitate to contact us today.

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