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Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In New York

Teen drug and alcohol dependency is a problem in New York as it is in so many other parts of the country. If your own adolescent is struggling to get free of a dangerous substance, you need a rehab center that caters expressly to the issues and challenges of this age group.

The Data on New York Teen Drug and Alcohol Dependency

A variety of substances threaten to create dependency in New York teens. Among the illegal drugs, cocaine, marijuana and heroin continue to prevail in this state; in fact, emergency-room visits due to cocaine leaped by 36 percent between 2004 and 2011. Abuse of addictive prescription drugs such as opioid analgesics is also a problem. Between 8.38 and 9.41 percent of New York youth aged 12 to 17 used illicit drugs in the past month. 3.03 to 3.25 percent of New Yorkers aged 12 to 17 needed treatment for dependency without receiving it. Drug addiction often occurs as a side effect of attempts to self-medicate for depression — and in this same age group, 58.7 percent of New York teens who experience a major depressive episode did not receive the appropriate treatment for it.

The Special Expertise of Teen Rehab Programs

While many cases of teen drug or alcohol addiction can be prevented through education and early intervention, it isn’t necessarily easy to detect these issues until they’re already out of the teen’s control. At this point, your best bet is to enroll your teen in a rehab program specially designed to help him deal with the many physiological and social complications associated with his condition.

These programs take into consideration such factors as the hormonal peaks and valleys that make impulse control so difficult at this age. It also employs counseling and other therapies to help teens overcome the peer pressure that may have caused them to experiment with drugs in the first place. Group, family, and multi-family therapy sessions can help your entire family understand the challenges of addiction better and provide strong support for your teen throughout the recovery process.

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