Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In New Jersey

Getting involved in drug abuse or facing a mental health disorder during the teen years causes concern for the entire family. When a teenager abuses a substance, it impacts the way that he or she develops over time. Fortunately, New Jersey offers professional treatment for teens to allow his or her body to heal while addressing the underlying factors that contribute to substance abuse.

Teen Substance Abuse in New Jersey

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 7.4 percent of teenagers in the United States abuse marijuana each year and the rates of marijuana abuse on a monthly basis increase as teenagers reach higher grade levels. For example, the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration states that roughly 23.4 percent of high school seniors abuse marijuana in a one-month period at least one time. Other substances show similar patterns with older teenagers abusing drugs or alcohol at a higher rate than younger individuals; however, the overall average changes over time as teenagers engage in different behaviors.

Generally, New Jersey residents abuse drugs or alcohol at relatively low rates. In New Jersey, the average use of illicit substances among teenagers is between 7.83 and 8.55 percent, which is lower than other states, but still a range worth paying close attention to, as teen substance use of illicit drugs has increased in general throughout the nation. When a teenager abuses an illicit drug, it impacts the way that he or she behaves, so parents want to encourage treatment at the first sign of a drug or alcohol problem.

What is Teen Treatment in New Jersey?

Teen treatment recovery centers in New Jersey offer treatment solutions and specialize in the care of teens and young adults suffering from substance abuse or mental health disorders that complicate their decisions and lifestyle.

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Programs that focus on the needs of teenagers recognize that different factors contribute to their mental health concerns when compared to adults. Factors that the programs address include:

  • Depression or anxiety
  • Other mental health disorders that contribute to substance abuse
  • Peer pressure
  • Potential abuse or traumatic experiences
  • Complications with school-related topics
  • Specific concerns teenagers identify
  • Family issues

Substance abuse stems from a variety of factors and situations. Even teenagers face complications like mental health disorders and traumatic experiences, so a treatment program must address the possible complications and ensure that teenagers have the tools to focus on their goals for the future.

Programs in New Jersey

Teen programs in New Jersey specialize in the treatment of teenage individuals. By finding appropriate programs, a parent encourages long-term recovery solutions and helps a teenager find the right tools to focus on his or her health.

Life Excel is an adolescent treatment program in Brick, New Jersey that offers dual diagnosis treatment and gender-specific treatment solutions. It is an outpatient program, so teenagers can continue attending classes and school while working on recovery goals. Since it offers dual diagnosis treatment options, the program helps with depression, anxiety or other mental health disorders that complicate recovery.

Genpsych Site is a treatment program that specializes in the care of adolescents. Since it is a court-ordered program, many teenagers in the facility must attend due to behavioral concerns and inappropriate actions. It offers outpatient and inpatient treatment options based on the needs of the individual.

The Hunterdon Drug Awareness Program is a holistic outpatient program that offers specialized care to adolescents. As an outpatient program, it provides the flexibility to remain in school and complete personal responsibilities. The facility takes a holistic approach to recovery, so it provides treatments for co-occurring disorders.

Treating Drug Abuse and Recovering

Treating drug abuse or recovering from a mental health disorder requires the right treatment approach in New Jersey. By working with a specialized facility, parents can find the right tools to help a young adult or teenager gain a healthy lifestyle. To learn more about treatment programs in New Jersey, contact us at RehabCenter.net today.

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