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Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Montana

Montana, also known as “Big Sky Country,” is a sprawling, beautiful state offering wide-open spaces to those who seek solitude. But teenagers are more likely to seek the company, attention, and approval of their peers — which in turn can lead them down the slippery slope of alcohol/drug abuse and addiction. But if your Montana adolescent is experiencing this frightening slide, rest assured that a helping hand is available in the form of a local teen treatment recovery program.

Teen Addiction in Montana: A Prescription for Disaster

Montana has more of a collective drug problem than you might suspect; as relatively sparse as its population is, it still ranks 21st among all U.S. states in drug-related deaths. In addition to alcohol and illicit drug use, the state’s youngsters are experimenting with, and becoming addicted to, prescription painkillers, prompting the Missoula media to dub the issue a “silent epidemic.” But that’s not to downplay the issues with illicit drugs. 9.42 to 10.30 percent of Montana residents aged 12 to 17 abused illicit drugs within the past month; 2.32 to 2.82 percent of the 12-to-17 crowd failed to receive much-needed treatment for their addiction. To make matters worse, 58.9 percent of Montana teens who had a major depressive episode never got help for that issue — possibly leading them to self-medicate with drugs.

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How a Teen Rehab Program Can Help

Adolescence is a unique period in a person’s life — a period marked by social anxiety, the urge to fit in with the other kids while at the same time rebel against authority, and the hormonal changes that bring sexual tensions and strong emotions to the forefront. These are complex challenges that can push a casual curiosity about alcohol and drugs into full-blown use, abuse, and finally dependence.

A teen treatment recovery program takes all of these complications into account when addressing a case of teenage addiction. Rehab may consist of inpatient residence, outpatient counseling or both. In addition to the medical process of weaning teenagers from the addictive substance, intense counseling and therapy can help them understand their own feelings and needs, learn the risks and dangers of chemical abuse, and develop coping skills against triggers such as peer pressure. Therapy may include individual, group, family, or even multi-family sessions.

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