Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Maine

Teens who suffer from addiction to drugs or alcohol are often more likely to experience increased side effects from these substances because they have a lower level of tolerance. It is important to talk to your teen and get them into treatment if they are struggling with a substance abuse problem. Maine offers a variety of teen rehab programs to help them get back on track to a healthy life.

Substance abuse isn’t just something that adults are challenged with. No, teens and adolescents often struggle with drug or alcohol dependence – and in many ways, substance abuse in this demographic can be even more dangerous. There are several reasons for this, perhaps none more significant than in the case of a teenager, as they’re unlikely to seek treatment voluntarily. Noting this, it’s often a parent or guardian who enrolls them into some sort of recovery treatment program.

Teens typically have a lower tolerance than adults, so the side effects of using substances like drugs and alcohol are likely to have a much quicker impact. The same types of treatment that are effective with adults often don’t resonate well with teens, so it’s important that teens receive not just any type of treatment – but the right type of treatment.

Teen Substance Abuse Statistics In Maine

Substance abuse is an issue for teenagers all across the country, including Maine. For instance, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), some 10,800 Maine residents ages 12 to 17 have taken an illicit drug within the past month, and some 12,400 residents of the same age have consumed alcohol within the past month.

Furthermore, about 3,800 12 to 17 year olds have been identified as having become dependent on or abused drugs within the past month, and 3,400 having been identified with similar issues when it comes to alcohol. Finally, about 3,100 Maine residents 12 to 17 are identified as having a problem with drugs, but aren’t currently seeking treatment. Conversely, 3,150 are identified the same when it comes to alcohol.

The good news is that many states, including Maine, have dedicated entire treatment facilities and programs toward helping teens with substance abuse.

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Treating Teens Challenged with Substance Abuse

Noting the unique challenges that a teen with substance abuse issues presents, most programs geared toward rehabilitating teens are focused on things like academics and family – the former of which gives teens a positive activity to achieve and the latter of which can be a huge aid in a teen’s recovery. Additionally, since many conventional treatment methods aren’t as effective on teens as they are on adults, holistic and alternative methods are often used in helping a teen overcome substance abuse.

Most Effective Teen Treatment Recovery Centers in Maine

Like many states across the nation, Maine offers a variety of rehabilitation treatment centers that exclusively treat adolescent patients, and many more that have special treatment programs for teens. One of the many types of treatment centers is Cornerstone, which is located in the city of Bangor. Cornerstone treats teens via outpatient means, and also offers recovery programs for people with HIV/AIDS, pregnant and postpartum women and treatment that has been court ordered.

In terms of treatment centers in Maine that exclusively work with teens, there is the Community Concepts Inc. School Based Services, located in Lewiston. This center offers outpatient substance abuse programs exclusively for young patients.

Elsewhere throughout the state, there’s Cornerstone BHC – with Chellie Morrison PhD., located in Portland. Like the aforementioned treatment centers listed here, Cornerstone treats its patients via outpatient means. But unlike the treatment centers listed here, it does so via holistic and alternative means – two types of treatment that research shows teens respond to better.

Also, located in Portland is Top of the Hill Counseling. Top of the Hill also offers outpatient treatment services for teens via holistic and alternative means, in addition to other treatment types.

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As we noted in the opening, when it comes to a teenager overcoming substance abuse issues, not just any treatment will do – they need the right type of treatment, the type of treatment that is able to resonate with them. For more information on adolescent substance abuse treatment, and to find a treatment center in the state of Maine, contact us at Rehabcenter.net today.

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