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Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Louisiana

Finding treatment for teens in need means looking for a facility that handles adolescent substance abuse cases. This offers the best chance of success for teens addicted to drugs or alcohol. Fortunately, Louisiana has a variety of teen rehab centers designed for their unique treatment needs.

Louisiana residents know all too well the damage that drugs and alcohol can cause, especially to teens. In the Pelican State, 8.38 to 9.41 percent of teens between the ages of 12 to 17 admit to illicit drug use. Of the teen population who do use, 2.43 to 2.55 percent fail to get treatment.

Compared to the other 50 states in the union, Louisiana falls in the middle. Many of the states in the Midwest have lower averages and states like Colorado and Alaska are higher.

What is Teen Addiction Treatment?

The still developing brain of the teenager makes them more susceptible to addiction than adults. This is one reason addiction professionals target treatment for adolescents. The goal is to help them get clean and go into adulthood free from drugs. Teens are also more likely to experiment with drugs because that same developing brain gives them poor impulse control.

The combination of surging hormones, changing bodies, and peer stress can be enough to cause mental and behavioral problems at this age. That underlying condition can trigger drug use as teens look for ways to feel better about the world around them and themselves. The same drugs available to self-medicating adults are there for teens, but they also get addicted to over-the-counter cold medications and inhalants like aerosols.

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Teen treatment will start with medically-supervised detox to clear the chemicals out of their bodies. During this time, care providers will look for underlying causes, the most common being depression. In Louisiana, 26,000 adolescents, this is around 7.4 percent of the teen population, experience at least one major depressive episode. Around 64 percent of these troubled teens fail to get the professional help they needed.

Counselors help teens with addictions using a variety of therapies. Most plans incorporate behavior counseling, individual and group therapy together with family sessions. This helps educate parents on ways to keep their teen free for drugs and away for potential triggers.

Cities With Teen Substance Abuse Centers In Louisiana

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