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Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Idaho

How common is drug use among teens? The National Institute on Drug Abuse states that in the U.S. drug use is increasing with an estimated 24.6 million Americans over the age of 12, or 9.4 percent of the population, using at least once a month. Studies show that over 35 percent of high seniors have at least tried alcohol and 23.6 percent have taken drugs. The numbers are higher in the teen population because their brains are still developing. This makes young people more susceptible to both impulse control and addiction problems.

In the great state of Idaho, drug use between the ages of 12 and 17 affects around 7.52 – 8.37 percent of the population. In that group, 2.14 – 2.25 will not get the treatment they need for an addiction. Parents and caretakers in the Gem State can improve a teen’s chance of recovery by learning more about teen addiction treatment.

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What is an Adolescent Addiction Program?

The lifestyle of an adolescent is very different than that of an adult. They deal with unique stressors like peer pressure and bullying. The teen years are fraught with trying to figure out who you are and where you fit in the world. Add to this the immature brain that is looking to explore and keep up with others. While still developing, the teenage brain is more sensitive to addiction, as well.

Facilities that create programs for addiction understand the special needs of a teen with a drinking or drug problem. Adolescent substance abuse programs are designed to deal with the challenges a teen faces. The exact structure of the program will depend on the staff and mission of the facility, but most include behavior modification therapy plus individual and group counseling. Families may be an integral part of the healing process, as well. Parents are taught to look for triggers and help teens make smart choices instead of going down paths that will lead to relapse.

Drug and alcohol abuse often originates with another mental health issue like teen depression. In Idaho, 14,000 teens, that is about 10 percent of the young population, have had at least one major depressive episode. Only 35.6 percent of this group is able to get the professional help needed, leaving 64.4 percent looking for other ways to cope like self-medicating with drugs or alcohol. Adolescent treatment programs look for an underlying cause of the drug use and treat any mental health issues at the same time.

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