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Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Hawaii

Encouraging a healthy lifestyle starts with helping teenagers find the right tools to address substance abuse or a mental health disorder. Whether a parent determines that a teenager’s behavior is odd and shows signs of a mental health disorder or a parent recognizes the signs of substance abuse, it is important to seek treatment as early as possible to help a loved one enter recovery.

What is Teen Recovery?

Teen recovery programs refer to any offerings at facilities that offer specialized treatment plans for teenagers and adolescents. Since a teenager can face complications when he or she abuses an illicit substance, it is important to seek treatment quickly. A parent wants to encourage professional treatment when he or she notices odd behaviors or finds a drug in a teenager’s room.

By seeking specialized care, parents assist with the recovery process. Factors that a program consider when working with teenagers include:

  • Potential traumatic experiences
  • Peer pressure
  • Teen curiosity and addiction that stems from experimentation
  • Mental health disorders that contribute to substance abuse
  • Misunderstandings and misinformation

Teenagers do not always understand the consequences of their behavior and can allow peers to influence their decisions. By addressing every factor that contributes to the substance abuse, a treatment facility helps teenagers regain their health and start working toward realistic plans for their future.

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Hawaii Substance Abuse Facts

According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, roughly 8.56 to 9.67 percent of Hawaii residents over 12 years old abuse illicit drugs each year. Among teenagers, the rate increases to roughly 9.42 to 10.39 percent each year, so the risk of experimentation increases among young individuals.

SAMHSA also states that the most commonly abused illicit drug is marijuana, but teenagers also abuse prescription drugs at a relatively high rate. Other drugs, like cocaine, heroin or inhalants, have a reasonably low rate of abuse; however, the risk to a teenagers health and well-being when he or she abuses an illicit substance of any kind raises concerns about the future.

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