Teen Alcohol And Drug Rehab Centers In Colorado

Teen Rehab Centers in ColoradoWhen adolescents begin using illicit substances, they are risking a lifelong struggle with substance abuse. It is important to identify those who find themselves with this type of health problem, as the right treatment and a strong support system can go a long way in helping these young patients regain their health and still achieve their goals and dreams.

Unfortunately for the teens in Colorado, substance abuse remains a pressing concern in the state. In the past month, an estimated 10.40 to 14.58 percent of the population between the ages of 12 and 17 used illicit drugs. Within that same population range, an estimated 3.53 to 4.13 percent of the youths need substance abuse care but are not getting the help they require. It is important to remember that mental health is also a critical component to overcoming substance abuse problems for many people. Teenagers in Colorado also saw an average of 48 major depressive episodes each year between 2013 and 2014.

Loved ones of teenagers should always pay close attention to signs of potential substance abuse disorders. This might include symptoms such as sudden personality changes, become very withdrawn, finding drug paraphernalia, changes in academic performance or the physical evidence of drug abuse, such as injection marks. Helping adolescents receive the care they need immediately can be an important step in getting them started back on the path towards a successful future.

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Teen substance abuse treatment

There are a number of different options for teens when it comes to substance abuse treatment. Those who do not have particularly longstanding or intense disorders and have supportive families might do well with an outpatient facility. The outpatient treatment can range from several hours a day every day to just a group meeting a few nights a week.

Patients who have struggled with their substance of choice for a while, those without supportive families as well as those who have tried rehab before, however, might have a better chance at recovery with an inpatient facility. Residential options can range from a few weeks to a few months depending upon the rehab and the individual needs of the patient.

In addition to the standard treatment options, patients and their loved ones must also focus on other aspects of healing as well. This means family therapy, which can help improve the support system the teen has at home, and continued support after the patient leaves treatment. Both of these types of treatment can help the patient while transitioning back to society and the temptations that come with resuming day-to-day life.

Teen substance abuse treatment options in Colorado

Crossroads Turning Points Inc in Alamosa

Crossroads Turning Points offers both outpatient counseling and short-term residential stays for teens in need of substance abuse treatment. The center provides help for those facing a dual diagnosis, as well as those with unique needs. Patients interested in a Christian emphasis to their treatment as well as those who want to pursue certain holistic treatment options should be able to find what they seek at this center.

A Turning Point in Canon City

A Turning Point offers adolescent patients the specialized treatment they need to begin the process of recovery from a substance abuse disorder. Those who need special services for hearing impairments, such as ASL, will find their needs accommodated here. There are also options for certain holistic treatment options to help patients further customize their care.

Recovery Systems PC in Colorado Springs

Recovery Systems offers both outpatient counseling and inpatient partial hospitalization care for teen patients who need help with a substance abuse disorder. The professionals at this facility also have the experience and credentials needed to work with those who need dual diagnosis treatment. There are some holistic and alternative treatment options available for patients.

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