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State and Federally Funded Drug Rehab Programs

David Hunter, MA.Ed, LPC

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David Hunter, MA.Ed, LPC

January 29, 2019

Many individuals struggling with addiction do not get the help they need because they do not think that they can afford treatment. Fortunately, there are several state and federally funded programs out there to provide individuals with the help they need to get back on their feet.

While many suffer from substance abuse and addiction, not everyone seeks out treatment for their disorder or disease. Some are afraid to move to that next step while others do not think they can afford to get the help they need. But the truth is, there is help out there for everyone in any situation. If you or a loved one is suffering from a substance abuse problem and cannot afford a private rehab treatment facility, it is time to explore other options.

There are options out there for everyone who is attempting to enter a rehabilitation program. Money should not be a factor when deciding if someone who has become victim to addiction should get help. The answer is always yes. Yes, you or your loved one should get the help you need and deserve no matter what the circumstances are.

Funded Treatment Options

While state and federal facilities will differ from private facilities, there are still professionals there to point you in the right direction and help you to overcome your substance abuse problem. Everyone deserves the chance to overcome addiction.

Both state and federal treatment facilities aim to help those who may not be able to afford the treatment they deserve on their own. If you are looking for help for you or a loved one but you are worried that you may not be able to pay for it, start by searching for government facilities in your area.

State and federally funded rehab facilities and treatment centers were created to help those in need overcome substance abuse and addiction. These programs and facilities are designed specifically for those who are unable to afford treatment on their own. These types of programs have both benefits and drawbacks to consider when looking into them.

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Drawbacks To State And Federally Funded Treatment Centers

It is important to note that these programs are not always easy to get into. There is a lot of paperwork involved and you may be waiting for quite a while before a spot becomes available for you. You will have to provide detailed documentation that you are a resident of the United States and of the specific state that you live in. You will also need to provide proof that you cannot afford treatment on your own without the help of the state or federal government. You may be put on a waiting list with many other people and you will have to wait until a spot opens up before you are able to receive treatment.

Federal and state designated facilities are not glamorous. These facilities are running on state and federal budgets, so while you may see some beautiful, resort-like rehab centers on TV, you shouldn’t expect that from a government center. The programs that are offered by the state and federal government are usually short-term. This means they may offer detox or a 12-step or 28-day plan to help you.

Remember, there are long wait lists to get into these facilities, so short-term help allows to help the state and federal government get people in and out as efficiently as possible while still offering addicted individuals the help they need.

Benefits To State And Federally Funded Treatment Centers

Although the process is rigorous and the facilities may be less glamorous than what you might expect, the treatment is worth the wait. Any help is better than no help at all. Do not let paperwork and waitlists deter you from seeking out professional help. There are many benefits to state and federal rehab facilities as well.

These government facilities offer you professional help. Although their budget is limited, these rehab centers still employ educated and certified professionals who are there to help you overcome your struggle with substance abuse. While their programs may be shorter, that does not mean the treatment provided is less effective. You are still taking steps in the right direction and a short-term program could be just what you need to kick start your recovery.

You will be surrounded by others who are also struggling with substance abuse while in a funded facility. While this can be intimidating, it is also beneficial to know that you are not alone and are be able to talk to others who are going through the same experience that you are.

The state and federal government are working with you and your income to get you help you can afford. If you are only able to pay some of the costs, they will work with you to figure out what you are able to pay. If you cannot pay anything at all, they will evaluate your situation to get you the help you need. There are also grants for these programs that you may apply for and insurance coverage may also be an option to look into if you are covered.

You don’t have to settle for the first facilities you find. Much like private facilities, it is okay to shop around. Find a list of rehab facilities in your state and reach out to them. See what they can offer you, ask about their wait list and the different programs that they may have for their patients. If you are looking for specific treatment, ask if they offer it or if they know another facility that might.

Your recovery is all about you. Do not be afraid to get the help you deserve and need by settling for the easiest and most convenient option. Do your research on the state and government facilities near you. If you are looking for a loved one, contact and ask for advice. Remember, we are there to help you.

Remember that any professional help is a huge step on the path of recovery. Do not let the drawbacks of state and federal rehab centers discourage you from getting the help that you need. These are professional facilities. Their goal is to help you overcome substance abuse and create a better life for yourself and your loved ones.

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