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Sober Grid: A New Social Network App For Individuals Battling Addiction

Debra Wallace, MA.Ed, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS

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Debra Wallace, MA.Ed, LPCC-S, LICDC-CS

April 8, 2019

There’s exciting news in the world of apps for individuals battling addiction. If you are battling an addiction, there’s a new app out there called Sober Grid. Unlike other addiction recovery apps that only help track your sobriety or keep you motivated, this app goes above and beyond. It’s a sober social networking app that allows you to connect with a global sober community.

What Exactly Is Sober Grid?

Sober Grid is a FREE app that you can download today on your Google Android and/or Apple iOS device. It helps you stay sober no matter where you are in the world. The app also connects you to a social network of other sober individuals. It allows you to communicate and connect with friends or new acquaintances that have also chosen to live a sober lifestyle. It is also a geo-social app that allows you to connect and find (via GPS) other sober individuals in your area or around the world.

It’s a virtual sober community in the palm of your hands. If you have tried other apps but they have not helped you, it’s time to try the new Sober Grid app. It is also rated as the #1 Sober App for both Apple and Android products. Why not join the revolution? It’s free.

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What Else Can The Sober Grid App Do?

Not only are you connected to a vast community of sober individuals nearby and around the world, there are also many other great features. Some of the awesome features include:

  • The ability to make new sober friends and connect with current sober friends
  • Private chats with other sober individuals
  • Support from the global community and the ability to be a positive influence for other sober individuals
  • Be a member of the sober revolution
  • Share items on your news feed
  • Being a part of the global sober community
  • Individualized profiles. You can choose to stay anonymous or put a picture and description to identify yourself to other sober individuals. You can include your name, bio, location, sobriety date, and gender.
  • Locate other sober individuals on “The Grid”. The app contains a GPS user interface that helps locate those surrounding you also using the app and gives their distance from your location.
  • Access to the “Burning Desire” button. This button is for when you feel tempted to take a drink or need to reach out to someone whenever or wherever you are. This button lets others know you need help. By pressing the button, it alerts your network by showing a red box next to your profile. The red box means you feel your sobriety is in distress or that you need help. (Or you can simply post in the news feed if you need immediate help).
  • Access to “Need a Ride”. This feature is great for those who may have a revoked license or DUI. This could help you get around if you needed a ride to a sober-social meetup.
  • Upgrade capabilities. Although you can get the app for free, there is also the option to pay for the premium version. The premium version allows you to have more space for photos and such.
  • Blocking capabilities. If you do not want someone to interact with you or view your profile, there are blocking features.
  • And many more features to help you feel connected and not alone in your sobriety journey.

Try Sober Grid Today!

Sober Grid is an exciting and fun new app for individuals battling an addiction. Try the app today or research reviews online to see what others have to say. Many people love this app. It’s free, so why not try it? Remember that you should use Sober Grid along with other forms of treatment. Sober Grid is meant to enhance your sober lifestyle, and is not intended as the only method of recovery.

If you have not attended a rehab facility or outpatient program for your addiction, you need to seek professional help first. Contact us at today for more information. Join the Sober Grid revolution today.

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