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Mormon Drug And Alcohol Rehab Centers

Jennifer Cousineau MSCP, LPCI, NCC

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Jennifer Cousineau MSCP, LPCI, NCC

February 22, 2019

If you are a Mormon dealing with addiction, you are not alone and there is help available that is specifically tailored to fit your family and faith. Mormon drug and alcohol rehab centers do exist, and they’re ready to help you regain a sober lifestyle.

Addiction is a disease that plagues a widespread population within the United States. It can strike any person, and has no regard for age, sex, religion, lifestyle, or social status. People vulnerable to falling into the grip of addiction also include members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Family And Faith

Two of the most important tenets of belief in Latter-Day Saints is faith and family: the two go hand-in-hand. If you belong to the Mormon community, you understand the foundational truths of establishing Christ’s church within your area and your family.

Despite the significance the familial bond has to one’s strong faith as a Latter-Day Saint, the potential for addiction is present. Sometimes, the pressures of keeping strong family dynamics can be overwhelming. When drug addiction is taking place, dynamics begin to completely crumble.

In order to reach a point of stability, it is vital that you seek rehabilitation. Statistics show that inpatient residential treatment is the best option for people who want help.

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Drug Addiction Among Mormons

Many make the false assumption that because Latter-Day Saints live according to strict faith-based principles, that drug addiction would not be prevalent within the Mormon community. However, this is far from the truth.

In the state of Utah, 77% of the population is Mormon and Utah is actually ranked eighth in the nation for drug use, with some of the highest numbers of deaths due to prescription drug overdose.

According to investigations done among Mormon community members, it has been noted that the types of drugs most abused are heroin and prescription drugs. Inappropriate use of drugs is reported among both men and women.

Treatment Options For Latter-Day Saints

Finding rehabilitation options can seem like a daunting task. Searching for a treatment option that is customized to your needs and your beliefs can be even more complex.

When beginning the rehab process, it is vital to know that you do not have to disregard the foundational Mormon truths during your recovery process. In fact, there are treatment facilities that adhere specifically to the doctrines of Latter-Day Saints.

What Many Mormon Rehabs Include

Before beginning a rehabilitation process, many people are curious about what a program involves.

Here are options that the majority of Mormon rehab facilities offer for recovery from addiction:

  • Twenty-four-hour monitoring by medical professionals during detoxification, including nurses and other staff
  • Individual and group counseling that incorporates resources for confronting struggles, repentance, and deliverance through accountability
  • Education about addiction and strategies to eliminate potential for relapse
  • Options for faith-based and/or family therapy
  • Adherence to and acknowledgment of the Book of Mormon
  • Plans for successful and well-managed recovery

Getting Help

Although your tenants of faith are strong, going to church alone cannot give you the education and resources for long-lasting freedom from the chaos of addiction. It is beneficial to reach out for help, which might include extending past the walls of your “comfort zone.” Contact us at to get the help you deserve.

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