United Healthcare Rehabs In Wisconsin – Insurance Coverage

Individual health insurance can help you pay for the cost of treatment for substance abuse and mental health needs, so you have access to the care you need. In the state of Wisconsin, United Healthcare offers insurance through All Savers Insurance Company. In this state, you can choose from two different individual options through the insurance exchange.

The Compass Product

The Compass Product includes a Compass network and does not cover out-of-network providers. With this plan, you need to pick a Primary Care Provider, who will refer you to another specialist for mental health or substance abuse treatments. While these plans tend to not cover the costs of specialty care without a referral, substance abuse, mental health, and behavioral health services all cost the same without a referral.

There are many Compass plans for you to pick. They fall under four categories:  bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. Generally, bronze covers a lower portion of your healthcare costs and requires a lower monthly premium. At the higher end, platinum covers the most treatment, but has the highest premium. However, your specific plan might vary somewhat from this information.

These are Exclusive Provider Organization plans, meaning that you need to stay within the network for your healthcare needs. They all provide coverage for inpatient and outpatient care for substance abuse, behavioral health, and mental health. You can expect to pay different amounts for your admissions or visits based on the plan you choose. Your deductible and out-of-pocket costs will also change.

The bronze category has a 5500 plan that covers outpatient services for a $35 co-pay each visit. Inpatient healthcare costs a 30 percent co-insurance after you finish paying your deductible.

There are three main silver category plans. The 2000 plan costs a $30 co-pay for each outpatient visit or a 30 percent co-insurance for inpatient care after paying the deductible. The 3500 plan requires a co-pay of $20 for an outpatient visit or a 20 percent co-insurance for an inpatient facility once you have covered the deductible. The third silver option, the 5000 plan, has the same costs as the 3500 plan of a $20 co-pay or 20 percent co-insurance.

Choose from two different gold options. The 500 option costs a $20 co-pay for each visit if you go to an outpatient facility or a 20 percent co-insurance for an inpatient facility after paying off the deductible. If you choose the 1250 plan, expect to spend a $10 co-pay for outpatient visits or a 10 percent co-insurance for inpatient care.

Finally, you can choose the platinum 250 plan. It requires you to pay $10 as your co-pay for outpatient services or a 10 percent co-insurance for inpatient services once the deductible is paid.

There are also some variations on these plans that you can pick from.

The Compass Product With A Health Savings Account

Alternately, you could choose The Compass Product with a Health Savings Account plan. This covers providers in the Compass network, but not outside of it. If you have this plan, you have the option to start a health savings account where you can save money, without taxes removed, that you can use for qualifying medical costs.

These plans all cover inpatient and outpatient healthcare for substance abuse, as well as mental and behavioral health. You will pay the same amount whether or not your main doctor referred you. This option only offers bronze and silver plans.

The bronze plan is the HSA 4900, which comes with a 0 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient services after you pay your deductible. The silver HSA 2600 plan also has a 0 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient care once the deductible is covered. The silver HSA 1600 plan is different, requiring a $1,500 admission charge for inpatient services, or a $15 co-pay for each outpatient visit after you have covered the deductible.

There are also some variations on these plans that you can look into.

Regardless of the plan, having an individual insurance plan through the Wisconsin exchange helps make substance abuse and mental health services more affordable and attainable.

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