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Using drugs or alcohol causes complications in any household or family. It changes an individual’s behavior and harms their health. When a dependent family member shows signs of a mental health or a substance use disorder, an insurance policy from United Healthcare helps identify the best way to handle the situation and the find the right rehab center in Utah to address personal goals and needs.

Utah Coverage Options

United Healthcare works with different groups to provide appropriate coverage for households and needs. Generally, employers offer United Healthcare policies for their employees. Other groups, like universities and colleges, also offer policies for individuals who qualify for the specific plan.

Employer policies vary based on the options the employer offers. Generally, employers offer Bronze, Silver, and Gold policies with Choice Plus, Choice, or PPO policies in Utah. The different policies impact the coverage significantly, but most United Healthcare plans offer options for mental health disorders and addiction.

Generally, a Bronze policy provides the lowest monthly costs, but has a higher deductible and out-of-pocket cost for treatment. Silver policies usually fall into the middle or the average range for coverage and costs. Although Gold policies seem expensive on a monthly basis, they have the lowest out-of-pocket costs and greater coverage.

Group policies through a college or university depend on the needs of the group. For students, the policies usually offer basic coverage for common healthcare concerns, but it also offers options for mental health disorders and substance use disorders. The coverage depends on the details of the policy and usually sets limitations on the options available for students.

Selecting A Treatment Program

The right treatment facility for any individual varies based on the situation and the coverage offered. In most cases, an in-network rehab center costs less than an out-of-network program because the policy covers a larger percentage of the treatment or has a lower co-payment expense.

After determining that a rehab center works with the insurance provider and is part of the network, evaluate the treatment options available in the program. In most cases, the treatment programs offer solutions and tools to help with long-term goals. A program that offers evidence-based treatments, like counseling, group therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy, ensures that individuals have the right tools to address the underlying causes of an addiction.

Holistic treatment programs recognize that several factors impact addiction and strive to address all of the underlying complications. For example, healthy nutrition plans address any nutrient deficiencies that develop after abusing drugs or alcohol. The programs still provide evidence-based treatments, but also offer alternative therapies and personalized treatment programs.

If a co-occurring disorder like depression or anxiety impact substance abuse, then mental health treatments also plays a role in the recovery process. Opt for a program that specifically addresses co-occurring disorders to avoid complications.

Avoiding Exclusions

Insurance policies not only offer coverage to help pay for addiction treatments, they also set specific limitations or exclusions. Evaluate exclusions before finalizing a treatment program to ensure that it complies with the standards of the policy. For example, if a policy excludes massage therapy or acupuncture for addiction treatment, then avoid treatment programs that include the excluded treatments or avoid the treatment in the facility.

Pay particular attention to limitations on the duration of treatment. Some policies only allow individuals to enter a residential program for a set number of days, like 30 or 60 days in a year, while other policies limit out-patient treatment programs to a specific number of sessions.

Reaching Recovery Goals

A policy from United Healthcare in Utah offers the opportunity to make positive changes to a personal lifestyle. It allows individuals to obtain treatment and alter personal behavior so that drugs or alcohol do not complicate relationships and health. For more information about recovery options in Utah or the way insurance policies help with rehab goals, use the tools at RehabCenter.net today.

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