United Healthcare Rehabs In Oklahoma – Insurance Coverage

People looking to regain their health after substance abuse know that rehab is a valuable part of that process. Through rehab, they can receive the help they need detoxifying their body and developing a support system with other patients and the practitioners at the facility. This support system can be an incredible resource as they prepare to finish rehab and re-enter society, once again facing their stressors and triggers.

Paying for rehab, however, can seem overwhelming for many patients and their loved ones. They know that rehab can include many different aspects, from detox through a halfway house. Each person will have a different journey to take and no matter the individual’s needs, the costs can be disconcerting.

Fortunately, substance abuse treatment is covered by insurance companies. This can help them choose providers and facilities that will maximize their chances for recovery while minimizing their personal expenses.

United Healthcare Substance Abuse Coverage in Oklahoma

For residents of Oklahoma, there are a number of plans available:

United Healthcare Choice Plus

A Choice Plus account provides you with out-of-network coverage at a high coinsurance and/or deductible level, but it does not require a referral for seeing doctors or specialists. This provides you with considerable freedom and flexibility when planning your treatment. It lets you find the facilities and practitioners that you prefer, without having to take the additional steps to get a referral. And treatment isn’t limited to in-network providers, meaning that if you find an outpatient program that seems to fit your needs, you can pursue the treatment and receive at least some coverage.

Health Reimbursement Account

A Health Reimbursement Account is designed to help you pay medical expenses, particularly those that result from having a high deductible plan. This account has guidelines for contributions that are established by your employer. These guidelines can determine things like contribution amounts, the types of medical expenses that can be reimbursed, and when the funds in the account become available.

Health Savings Account

A Health Savings Account is similarly developed to help you pay medical expenses from own pocket. These accounts can be paired with select plans and are used to pay medical expenses, such as deductibles. Since you own these accounts, you get more say in when contributions are made. This gives you the flexibility to budget for future rehab care and save for expenses, such as additional therapy or aftercare.

United Healthcare Options Non-Differential PPO

The Non-Differential PPO offers you coverage if you do not have access to the standard United Healthcare PPO network. You will receive reimbursement for your care at a single coinsurance level. Like many of the other plans, you are allowed to use providers outside the network, but this will result in a lower rate of coverage.

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United Healthcare Edge

The Edge plan encourages patients to use providers classified as Premium Tier 1 to receive the most savings. These practitioners have been recognized by the Insurance Company to provide the best value, which can help you narrow your search down to the best quality providers. You don’t need a referral to see a specialist, which helps you maintain the freedom and flexibility to choose your own.

For example, if there is a cognitive behavioral therapist you would like to use for continued care after rehab, you have the ability to make an appointment, rather than having to speak with your primary care physician first.

United Healthcare Options PPO

With an Options PPO, you can receive coverage within and outside the network. The network, however, is extensive and nationwide. If you find a long term care facility that is in another state, you can pursue treatment and have the services covered. If you do go outside the network, you will likely have some degree of coverage, but it will not be as high as those who remain within the network.

Tiered Benefits

Under a Tiered Benefits plan, you are again encouraged to receive treatment from Premium Tier 1 physicians, which can help you make you decision about providers faster. You do not need a referral to see a specialist, which can help you receive care faster and easier as well. If you find a holistic therapist covered under the plan, you call them up immediately and ask to schedule an appointment.

Patients who know they need rehab need to carefully examine their insurance policies to determine exactly what will be covered. Armed with this information, they can make optimal decisions about their treatment and avoid excessive out-of-pocket costs.

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