United Healthcare Rehabs In North Carolina – Insurance Coverage

For those struggling with substance abuse in North Carolina, one of the first questions that must be addressed by patients and their loved ones is the financing of the necessary treatment. Although treatment such as medically assisted detox, inpatient or outpatient care, and various types of therapy are often necessary for a patient to get started on the path towards health, without insurance, they can have a daunting cost.

Fortunately, patients with insurance generally have access to some level of coverage for these treatments. It is important for patients to properly ascertain what is covered by their insurance company so they can make decisions about doctors, facilities and treatments wisely.

United Healthcare in North Carolina

Patients in North Carolina will be happy to learn that under the Affordable Care Act, all plans must include coverage for those seeking treatment for substance abuse issues. The level of coverage will vary based upon the plan. In the state, there are five levels of coverage available: platinum, gold, silver, bronze and catastrophic. These are attributed to plan details such as the cost, the deductible and the levels of coverage. Within each category there are a few different types of plans. Here are the different types of United Healthcare Plans in North Carolina.

United Healthcare Choice

United Healthcare Choice is classified as an “open access” health plan. As the patient, that gives you considerable flexibility in your pursuit of treatment for substance abuse disorders. You can use any provider throughout the nationwide network, which means that going through a destination rehab and having the care covered is easy. You are required to stay within the network to receive benefits, but you can see specialists, such as therapists, without a referral. You will have fixed dollar copayments, which will make budgeting for care much more straightforward as well.

United Healthcare Choice Plus

If you have health care through a Choice Plus plan, you will notice one defining difference: you can now receive some level of care should you use a provider outside of the network. While you will still receive more benefits by staying in-network, you can now also choose another  provider and receive some level of coverage. You should note that with out-of-network providers, you may be responsible for paperwork to get approval and to submit claims.

United Healthcare Options Non-Differential PPO

United Healthcare designated this option for patients who might not have access to the standard PPO network service area. Instead, you will receive reimbursement for your qualified services at a uniform coinsurance level. You receive greater benefits and savings when you use an in-network provider, but you can generally still receive some benefits if you choose an out-of-network option.

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United Healthcare Edge

The United Healthcare Edge plan provides you with access to a network of in-network professionals. While you do not need a referral to see specialists, you do need to see providers screened by the insurance company.

United Healthcare Heritage

The United Healthcare Heritage plan offers those struggling with substance abuse issues with affordable access to top physicians and therapists. The plan is based around encouraging employee wellness while also providing coverage through the United Healthcare network.

United Healthcare Multi-Choice

Under the multi-choice plan, the employer will be able to custom design a plan that will best fit their employees. Under these plans, patients will still receive substance abuse services, as required in the Affordable Care Act. Patients will also have access to the extensive United Healthcare network of providers, which will help them find highly-qualified professionals to begin their treatment.

Health Savings Account

For patients who know that some of their treatment costs, such as treatment for alternative or holistic therapies, might come out of pocket, a health savings account can be particularly helpful. An HSA is owned by the employee and works with a high-deductible health plan. Patients can make contributions to the account and carry over any remaining balance at the end of the year.

Making the decision to enter rehab is critical for patients struggling with substance abuse and it can make an enormous difference in their quality of life. Those with United Healthcare in North Carolina should review the above information and see their type of coverage and how it will impact their treatment selection process.

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