United Healthcare Rehabs In Nevada – Insurance Coverage

Entering rehab is the critical first step in the journey towards substance abuse recovery. Rehab gives patients the tools they need to not only rid their bodies of the harmful substances, but also hopefully learn the tools and coping mechanisms they need to face the stressors and temptations of society and be able to pass them by while maintaining sobriety. Given the important nature of this stage, patients should think carefully about their rehab choices.

Thinking about rehab choices means also considering pay. Fortunately, thanks to the Affordable Care Act, insurance companies are required to provide coverage for substance abuse treatment, but this treatment can vary. Here is what patients should know about United Healthcare coverage in Nevada

Nevada United Healthcare Coverage for Rehabilitation

Patients in Nevada who receive healthcare from United Healthcare do so through the company HPN. HPN offers a number of different plans in the state across four different levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These different levels are used to give you an idea about how much of your healthcare costs you should expect to pay out-of-pocket and how much will be covered by the plan.

Generally, the higher the plan is ranked, the more you will pay in your monthly premiums, but the less you will owe in your deductible, coinsurance and copayments. The lower the plan in ranked, the lower your monthly premium will be, but the more you will owe in your deductible.

Commonalities Throughout the Plans

The payment structure for substance abuse treatment is consistent across the plans. Patients who are in situations such as a good at-home support system, whose substance abuse problems are not particularly longstanding or have obligations that they cannot leave behind for a few weeks will often go through outpatient treatment. Under these plans there will be a copay for outpatient services. This copay will vary depending upon the plan, even within the same level.

On the other hand, if you have a longstanding substance abuse problem, have tried rehab before and failed to maintain sobriety or for other reasons would be better served by an inpatient facility, your payments will be calculated based on coinsurance. This means a percentage of the charge will be your responsibility to pay.

These plans also may cover some forms of alternative or holistic therapy, even if they do not cover them all. They indicate that chiropractic care is generally covered, but acupuncture is not. Patients should discuss their situation with their providers and their insurance company to see if the needed services are covered.


On the Platinum level you can expect to have the lowest deductible, sometimes as low as $100, but you will also have higher monthly premiums. You will also find that your deductible for prescription medications is $0. This can make it easier for you to obtain needed medications during treatment. Medications may help you with co-occurring disorders, such as depression, as well as in detox or for patients who need medical help to maintain sobriety.


For Gold level plans, the deductibles are higher, often ranging from $500-$1000. Like the Platinum plans, you have a $0 prescription drug deductible, helping you obtain the medications you need.


The Silver plans have deductibles that often range from $2,000 to $5,000. These higher deductibles will often require patients to put more thought into budgeting before a potential major medical expense, such as long term inpatient rehab. You should note that some of the plans on this level also start charging a deductible for your prescription drugs. This also needs to be included in the rehab budget.


The Bronze level plans will often require patients to pay the most out-of-pocket in the deductible and other medical costs. Your deductible can generally range from $4,500 to $6,000. The plans on these levels no longer have the deductible required for prescription drugs. With a high deductible, pursuing treatments that are not covered in addition to standard treatment, such as certain holistic treatments, can put a serious strain on the budget. Patients and their providers should choose carefully what types of care are needed.

Rehab is a critical period in the lives of those struggling with substance abuse. A successful rehab period can help patients take control of their lives and get started on the path towards health. Patients and their loved ones should make sure they know what is covered by insurance so they can plan accordingly and rest easier, knowing that the financial aspect has been resolved.

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