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For patients struggling with substance abuse, insurance can make a big difference in the financial burden that falls to the patient themselves and their loved ones. Without insurance, it can be difficult to find ways to pay for the different types of treatment patients need, such as detox, long-term or short-term care and aftercare.

Fortunately, insurance empowers patients to find the right treatment by helping to cover many of the different costs. Following the Affordable Care Act, all qualifying insurance plans must include coverage for substance abuse treatment and recovery.

This means that patients must investigate with their own plans to learn what is covered in terms of therapy types, facilities and providers. This can help them sort through their rehab options and find the one that will work best for their individual circumstances.

United Healthcare Substance Abuse Coverage in Mississippi

There are four levels of plans available in Mississippi with United Healthcare: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. These plans differ based on the levels of coverage they offer, how much patients end up paying out of pocket for health claims, as well as monthly cost. People have to carefully estimate their budget to see what type of plan will work best for them.

You should note that with these plans, some alternative treatments– such as visiting a chiropractor — can be covered under certain circumstances, while other treatments– such as acupuncture– will generally not be. Patients interested in holistic treatments should speak with their provider and an insurance representative to see how well their care will be covered.

Platinum plans

There is one platinum plan offered in Mississippi, the United Healthcare Platinum Compass 250. Under this plan you will need to select a primary care provider that is within the network. This professional can then help you coordinate your care. When you need help with substance abuse problems, this person can guide you through your options and find the choice that best fits you. Some patients might need detox and an intensive inpatient treatment as well as aftercare. Others might work well with less-intensive outpatient care.

Your provider can help you make the best decision. You will need a referral for other doctors and specialists, so this provider can also help you find the therapists and practitioners needed for recovery. There is no out-of-network coverage, so you will need to make sure that your provider is  a part of the network to receive benefits.

Gold Plans

United Healthcare offers three different Gold Compass plans in Mississippi. While these plans are structured similarly, they do differ slightly in their payment structure. Some have a flat copayment rate for different services while others have a coinsurance charge. Like the Platinum Compass plans, these plans do require you to use a primary care provider to help coordinate your treatment. The gold plans, however, have a slightly lower monthly rate than the platinum plan, but this also translates to a higher deductible.

You should note that with some of the plans on this level, you are eligible to work with a United Healthcare Health Savings Account. This is an account that you own where you can put money away to use towards medical bills. When you know that you will have to pay for rehab in the near future, you can use these accounts to save money for things like the deductible, extra cognitive behavioral therapy or some holistic forms of treatments.

Silver Plans

The Silver plans will have a lower monthly charge than the Gold plan, but the out-of-pocket costs associated with co-payment and coinsurance continue to increase. Staying within the network is required. Like the Gold Plans, some of the plans in this category are eligible to work with a Health Savings Account, which can make budgeting for rehab easier.  Different plans in this category require copays or coinsurance to cover inpatient and outpatient substance abuse treatment.

Bronze Plans

The Bronze plans have even higher deductibles and lower monthly costs than the Silver plans, but still require in-network practitioners. They will provide patients with some in-network benefits and price reductions. The plans offered in Mississippi include coinsurance options for most types of treatment, including seeing primary doctors, specialists  and emergency room care. One of the plans also uses a flat copayment for generic drugs while the other option has coinsurance for that well. Patients should make sure they understand how their charges for medication will be calculated, particularly since many patients will need drugs at some point during their treatment. They can help with detox, co-occurring disorders and maintaining sobriety.

Insurance is an important consideration for all patients considering rehab care for a substance abuse disorder. Substance abuse requires different levels of treatment depending upon the individual circumstances of the patient. By understanding insurance options and coverage, patients and their loved ones can make wise decisions about treatment to avoid unnecessary costs to themselves. This can help them relieve stress and give patients the power to take the first steps towards recovery confidently.

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