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In the state of Michigan, addiction is a prevalent problem. Similar to trends taking place across the country, the majority of people who are suffering from addiction to drugs and alcohol do not get the treatment they need in order to achieve lasting sobriety. While some people do not get the treatment that they need because of a lack of information or a lack of understanding of their condition, others simply cannot afford the expense of professional treatment.

It’s important to understand that many insurance providers and plans will cover all or some addiction treatment services for patients. If you or someone you love is suffering from addiction, be sure to understand the specifics of your plan so you can get the coverage you need at this important time. Many people in Michigan have found that United Healthcare offers affordable plans that include the benefits they need for addiction recovery treatment services.

United Healthcare Coverage in Michigan

There are two United Healthcare plans available in Michigan through the Affordable Care Act. Both of the United Healthcare plans are available in Wayne County, and they achieve a bronze metal status from the organization. This is an HMO plan that allows you to select coverage for an adult or for a child only.

As a division of the United Health Group, United Healthcare is considered to be one of the largest providers of health insurance in the country. This health insurance provider strives to keep its plans as affordable as possible so that patients can have access to the health care services they need, including addiction recovery treatment and specialized care options. United Healthcare strives to improve the health care experience for Americans, including residents of Michigan who live in Wayne County. As a company, their goal is to provide people with high-quality health care plans that are affordable and effective.

Benefits of United Healthcare for Patients Suffering from Addiction

Michigan residents who are covered under at United Healthcare plan will want to know the benefits that they will receive when they begin their treatment for addiction. Depending on the severity of the addiction, recovery can involve several different treatment responses. Some people may need to enter a short-term or long-term residential facility, where they receive full-time care from medical professionals, counselors and recovery specialists. Others may need medical treatment as well as outpatient counseling services in order to overcome their addiction. Whether a patient needs to enter a facility in order to receive treatment during detox, or they prefer to utilize holistic therapy techniques in order to conquer their addiction, they will want to know the specifics of their plan.

Under the United Healthcare plan in Michigan, patients who need short-term care from a mental health professional will not have to pay a co-pay for necessary medications or behavioral therapy. United Healthcare offers these benefits to its patients because it believes in the importance of mental health care, and recognizes that it is just as important as physical health. If you or someone you love will be receiving behavioral therapy or medication in order to treat addiction, you should seek out a treatment center in Michigan that accepts the United Healthcare plan. This will help you to maximize your insurance benefits while also minimizing the cost associated with recovering from your addiction.

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