United Healthcare Rehabs In Massachusetts – Insurance Coverage

Entering rehab is a momentous decision that has the power to change the course of people’s lives, allowing them to regain health and control. When patients understand how insurance works with substance abuse treatment, they will be empowered to make the best decisions for their care.

United Healthcare Substance Abuse Treatment in Massachusetts

For patients in Massachusetts, United Healthcare offers coverage that comes on four levels: Platinum, Gold, Silver and Bronze. The distinctions between these categories are used to describe the relative amount that you should expect to pay out of pocket for your health care. Plans that are ranked higher will have high premiums but you will pay significantly less for healthcare yourself. The lower ranked plans, on the other hand, will not cost as much on a month-to-month basis, but you will pay more when it comes to your actual health care.

The plans currently offered in Massachusetts from United Healthcare are considered to be Choice plans according to the company, so they have a few overarching structural similarities.

All of the plans require you to use in-network providers and do not offer out-of-network coverage. You can choose any provider, hospital or lab throughout the network, however, and you do not need a primary health care provider to coordinate your care or write referrals. This means you have the flexibility to find the in-network, substance abuse specialists that will best fit your needs. Since you do not need to secure a referral, you can pursue treatment right away, as soon as you realize that you need help.

For some patients, their journey to rehab actually begins in the ER. They face an emergency caused by their substance abuse disorder that is potentially life threatening and they begin to realize they need help. If you end up in the ER with any of these plans, you will have a copay that will be due, which can help keep your costs predictable and low.


Under the Platinum plans offered in the state, you will have likely the lowest deductible offered by United Healthcare in the state while also having a higher monthly premium. With this plan, if you pursue outpatient treatment, you will need to pay a copay for services. If you go through inpatient treatment, however, there will be no charge after the deductible has been met. This pricing structure will likely make it significantly easier for you and your loved ones to budget for treatment. You can find an inpatient treatment center that perfectly fits your needs and focus your attention on recovery rather than payments.


If your insurance is one of the Gold level plans offered in the state, you will notice some similarities and some differences from the Platinum options. There are a few different ways for which your rehab can be paid. Your inpatient treatment may be covered with a copay, coinsurance or no charge after the deductible depending upon the plan. Outpatient treatment, on the other hand, is typically covered with a copay.


For the Silver plans available, you will have a copay for both inpatient and outpatient treatment. The flat rate of a copay can help you budget for the treatment regardless of where you end up going. Even if you find a wonderful long term inpatient facility on the other side of the state, you can have predictable bills.


The Bronze plans have a few differences from the higher plans. There is a drug deductible included. Medications can be very important in the rehab journey. Patients might need prescription drugs for a number of different reasons. They can help with detox, maintaining sobriety and even co-occurring disorders such as depression or anxiety. This separate drug deductible is an additional charge that you will have to budget for in case your practitioners end up believing that you need medication as well.

This level plan is also generally eligible to be paired with a United Healthcare health savings fund. This is an income tax-free savings account that allows you to make contributions and save to pay for medical expenses. You can use this account to fund rehab features such as additional cognitive behavioral therapy, certain holistic treatments when allowed or even just to make your charges for the deductible and copayments more affordable.

Knowing that the financial aspects of rehab have been taken care of can help relieve burdens for both patients and their loved ones. Speaking with an insurance representative is always a good idea before making medical decisions, such as entering rehab.

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