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The decision to enter rehab can be a life changing one. People suffering from drug addiction are given the opportunity to work with qualified practitioners to help them better understand their substance abuse problem and how to get their lives back under control. It is understandable that this incredible process can also come with stress for many people.

Unfortunately, questions about how to pay for treatment can only further contribute to this problem, taking their mind off of treatment. By planning ahead and knowing how much treatment insurance will cover, those with a drug addiction and their loved ones can reduce or eliminate this concern to remain focused on getting well.

Insurance companies, such as United Healthcare in Indiana, are required to provide substance abuse coverage, but the depth of the coverage can vary– even from plan to plan from within the same company. People should carefully review their own individual coverage so they can select practitioners and facilities with this insight.

United Healthcare Substance Abuse Coverage In Indiana

In Indiana, those interested in a plan with United Healthcare can choose from plans in three different levels: Gold, Silver, and Bronze. The differences between these levels largely depend upon the percentage of healthcare costs covered by the plan. The Gold plans cover about 80 percent of treatment costs, followed by Silver at 70 percent, and Bronze at about 60 percent.

The plans offered in Indiana are currently classified as Choice products. Under this type of plan, you are free to use any rehab facility, provider, or hospital that is in the national Choice network. Unfortunately, there are no out-of-network benefits.

Thankfully, United Healthcare offers you multiple tools to find in-network providers. You should note that while a primary care physician is not required to coordinate care, they can offer an opinion about the type of care you may need, as well as recommending appropriate practitioners.

For some, the journey to rehab will begin with a visit to the emergency room after a potentially life-threatening complication. If this describes you or your loved one, then you should know that most Indiana United Healthcare plans offer a coinsurance rate for emergency care.


Gold level plans usually have a deductible less than $1,500, but higher premiums than lower level plans. Many people pursuing rehab treatment will also have to take medication, such as during detox, treating a co-occurring disorder, or helping to maintain sobriety. They will be impacted by the second deductible for prescription drugs found on the existing Indiana United Healthcare Gold plan.


Silver plans will have lower monthly costs than Gold plans, but higher deductibles. Like many Gold plans, some, but not all, Silver plans have a separate deductible for prescription drugs. Some plans allow you to sign up for a health savings account. If you get one, you can make contributions to a tax-free savings account designed specifically to cover health expenses. This account can be used to pay your deductible and other health expenses, such as additional therapy or aftercare. This can help you plan ahead and budget for rehab so you are ready when the time arrives.


When you have a Bronze plan, you generally have the highest deductible of the three plan levels. Like some Silver plans, some Bronze plans are eligible for a health savings account. Thankfully, you generally don’t have to worry about a separate prescription drug deductible.

For those people who have made the decision to enter rehab, stress about money can detract from focus on the treatment. When they and loved ones take the time to review coverage and make the optimal treatment decisions based on their insights, they can minimize these concerns and help them prepare for success.

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