United Healthcare Rehabs In Illinois – Insurance Coverage

Now that you are interested in receiving help for your drug addiction, you need all the support you can get. The first hurdle you have to jump is usually financial. Whether you are starting with medical detox or you are ready to go straight into therapy, such as holistic therapy, you will need to cover the costs. Health insurance through United Healthcare is a viable option for residents of Illinois.

Bronze Co-Pay Select 1

Substance abuse treatments are generally classified as mental and nervous disorders and the Bronze Co-Pay select plan specifies a $50 co-pay for your outpatient office visits and exams, as well as a medical history analysis. Note that these outpatient visits are included within the total number of office visits you can have, which is four per year. As for inpatient services categorized under mental and nervous disorders, you pay 20 percent after you have met your $5,000 deductible.

When it comes to paying for your drug and alcohol rehabilitation, inpatient services you might incur include medically supervised detox and treatment for health disorders associated with your withdrawal. In accordance to your insurance plan, you pay up to $6,600 for your co-pay, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Silver Co-Pay Select 1

The silver level plan will generally benefit you more than the bronze plan. However you have to determine if the benefits are going to apply to your situation. As someone going into drug and alcohol rehab, your main coverage focus is on substance abuse treatment. For this plan, you only pay $35 per outpatient visit. Furthermore, you aren’t limited to four total office visits per year, as you are with the bronze level of coverage.

For your inpatient services, such as hospitalization for substance abuse or intensive inpatient drug rehab, you have to pay 20 percent after your deductible is met. Here again, the silver level plan has the same deductible as the bronze plan at $5,000, which means these benefits are equitable. As for personal investment maximum, you do have a slight benefit here with a $6,450 maximum per person. Note that this is only $150 less than the bronze plan.

Platinum Co-Pay Select

Platinum Co-Pay Select plan is the most comprehensive, and expensive, United Healthcare insurance plan in Illinois. You can immediately see an increase in benefits as the annual deductible is only $750 per person. That is a difference of $4,250 in comparison to the bronze and silver co-pay plans. Additionally, your maximum out of pocket expenses is set at $1,500, which is $5,100 less than the bronze plan.

As for substance abuse treatment, you only have to pay $15 co-pay for any outpatient visits. There is no limit to your number of visits. As for inpatient services, you pay 10 percent after you’ve met your deductible.

Making Your Best Coverage Choice

Comparing the levels of coverage from United Healthcare lets you explore which plan best serves your needs. If you anticipate having to pay for an extensive amount for long-term rehabilitation, you may save more money by choosing Platinum Co-Pay Select. While the monthly cost is higher than the Bronze Co-Pay Select 1 and Silver Co-Pay Select 1, you have to look at the overall amount of your particular drug and alcohol rehabilitation before committing to the best plan for your needs.

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