United Healthcare Rehabs In Delaware – Insurance Coverage

Taking that first step into rehab for drug and alcohol is a leap of faith. Now comes the big step: finding a place to go for detox, inpatient treatment, outpatient services, or another form of therapy. Where do you begin? First, take a look at your healthcare coverage options. As a resident of Delaware, you have the option to sign up for United Healthcare coverage.

United Healthcare Choice Plus

In Delaware, United Healthcare offers coverage primarily through group or employee-offered policies. One typical plan is Choice Plus, which features a low level of member involvement. This plan lets you go to any drug and rehabilitation facility in the United Healthcare network. You are not required to seek diagnosis and referral from a primary care doctor in order to be admitted.

Additionally, if you need to see a specialist, such as for dual diagnosis substance abuse and mental disorders, you can do so within the national network without a referral. You can also choose a healthcare provider outside of the network and maintain your coverage. Note that you will have to pay more in terms of coverage costs if you take this route. The Choice Plan provides you with the basics of co-pays, coinsurance, and out-of-pocket payments to keep your costs down.

United Healthcare Optimum Choice

This is an HMO plan that requires more personal involvement. For starters, if you are looking for a drug and alcohol rehab center, you will need a referral from your primary care physician. The HMO portion of this plan requires you to get a doctor within the network, which includes 33,000 doctors, 200 hospitals, and 3,500 pharmacies. If you choose to get care with someone outside of the network, your costs will not be covered by your insurance unless it is an emergency situation.

As part of Optimum Choice, you receive extensive coverage for well-care services. This includes a fitness reimbursement and phone health coaching. This can be excellent for you as you work through rehab and move into the recovery phase. Having your own team of medical professionals on hand to help you holistically can give you the stable support you need to maintain your sobriety.

United Healthcare Choice and United Healthcare Plus HSA

These two plans require the most personal involvement. They feature a high deductible, along with the option to save your own money in a savings account to be used for medical expenses. You establish a personal savings account, in which you deposit tax-free money. This option gives you the greatest control over your healthcare costs. You can use the money for medical expenses and prescription medications, as well as for personal investment costs that are going toward your deductible. Optionally, you can save the money for future medical expenses, such as post-retirement medical care.

Saving money using the United Healthcare Choice or United Healthcare Plus HSA plans also lets you earn interest on your investment. The more money you have saved in your HSA account, the more money you accumulate in interest. This makes this healthcare plan more desirable for individuals interested in having the greatest control over their healthcare coverage.

Additionally, it is a healthcare plan in the sense that it meets the federal government’s requirements for healthcare coverage under the Affordable Care Act, which means you won’t have to pay a tax penalty for not having insurance.

As someone who is working toward your health and wellness, setting up a HSA while going into drug and alcohol rehab can help you establish a stable foundation for your healthcare costs. You will start to create a safety net that will prevent you from accumulating a large amount of debt due to your treatment.

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