United Healthcare Rehabs In California – Insurance Coverage

When patients make the decision to enter rehab, it is important that their attention be focused primarily on their recovery. Understanding how insurance works in relation to substance abuse treatment and how that will impact finances can help alleviate stress, allowing patients to focus on their path towards health.

Here is what all patients should know about United Healthcare in California and how it impacts their substance abuse treatment.

United Healthcare Coverage of Substance Abuse Treatment in California

For patients in California, there are a number of different types of plans available from United Healthcare. Each of these plan types can be modified to fit to the classification system of Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. It is important to note that among the plans offered, it is possible for some to contain a separate deductible for medications. Prescription drugs can be very important in the rehab process, as many patients use them to aid their recovery. It is important to review personal health plans to see if this separate charge applies to you.

Here is what patients in California should know about the different options in their state.

Select Plus:

This plan offers both in-network and out-of-network coverage, which can help ensure that you find the treatment and practitioners you prefer. If you come across an outpatient facility that fits well with your needs and goals but they are outside of the network, you can now receive limited coverage. Note, however, that this coverage will be lower than that of patients who remain inside the network.

Certain Select Plus plans can also be combined with an HSA (Health Savings Account) to make it easier to afford medical expenses. These accounts are savings accounts that you use to put aside money for particular medical expenses, such as deductibles or additional therapy.

When you are admitted to treatment, you will find that in-network facilities typically include a copayment or coinsurance. Out-of-network generally requires 50 percent coinsurance after the deductible.

Signature, Advantage, and Alliance:

These are HMO plans. You will not have out-of-network coverage should you decide to work with a provider outside of the designated network. While this might limit your options, some patients also find it helps them narrow down their choices and make decisions faster. Like the Select Plus plans, certain plans in this category are eligible for an HSA, which makes it easier to budget for extras, such as certain allowed holistic practices that might not normally be covered in full.

These plans generally charge copays for both inpatient and outpatient rehab at both the Platinum and Gold levels. While this does make budgeting a little easier, it is important to pay attention to details about the frequency of the copay. Some plans indicate that their copay is due upon admission while others have them due every day. Some plans also indicate 4 or 5 day limits on inpatient care per stay. The Silver and Bronze level plans use copays or coinsurance.

Select State:

The Select State plans also do not provide coverage should you decide to seek treatment outside of the network. Patients in this plan are encouraged to have a primary care provider, and they will have a lower deductible than for other doctors and specialists when they see this practitioner. They do not, however, need a referral to seek services. This can make it easier for you to see treatment immediately, rather than having to wait for official permission. You will pay either a copay or coinsurance for rehab.

Non-Differential PPO:

The Non-Differential PPO was designed for people who do not have access to the standard PPO network of United Healthcare providers. This plan, therefore provides you with in-network and out-of-network care at generally the same or similar rates. Your deductible, coinsurance rates and out-of-pocket maximum are all the same regardless of whether you stay in the network or not.

If you find a fantastic inpatient, long term rehab with this plan, you can make an appointment without worrying about networks and instead be confident that you will be covered at a consistent rate.

As patients prepare to enter rehab, carefully considering what their coverage entails can help them make good decisions about their care. Patients should always speak with an insurance representative before making decisions that impact coverage.

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