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Patients struggling with substance abuse usually must find a way to finance their recovery. The costs for treatment can be intimidating. Many people with the disease of addiction will have to go through some form of detox. Then patients will need either inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation to help them develop the coping tools that they will need to face their temptations again in society. After standard treatment, many people will then thrive when they have the chance to enter a halfway house or other form of continual care. With all of these different stages, it is no wonder that patients can feel overwhelmed.

Fortunately, insurance companies are required to provide patients with some form of coverage for substance abuse issues. This coverage, however, can vary widely from company to company and even plan to plan. Patients will need to carefully look at their own coverage to see what exactly the terms are on their personal plan.

Here is what all patients in Arizona should know about the plans available from United Healthcare.

United Healthcare and Substance Abuse Coverage in Arizona

As you progress through treatment, you may find yourself open to the idea of alternative or holistic treatments, which claim to help heal the entire patient. These plans offered by United HealthCare do not expressly cover or deny coverage for these types of treatment. Although certain types of procedures, such as chiropractic adjustments are covered, while acupuncture is not. It is a  good ideal to speak with an insurance representative to see what will be included in the plan in this area.

When you use one of these plans offered by United Healthcare, you will be required to work with a primary care physician. This doctor can help you sort through the variety of treatment options and help you understand the difference between cognitive behavioral therapy and other types of therapy, including holistic treatment options. This practitioner will then provide you with a referral to see the network specialists in the area and can help you find the ones who will be able to help you on your path towards recovery.

The patients in Arizona are served by United Healthcare with four levels of plans: Platinum, Gold, Silver, and Bronze.


Platinum level plans will generally have the highest premiums but the lowest costs when receiving care, such as the deductible, the copayments and the coinsurance. The plans offered in Arizona generally have individual deductibles that are under $500. It is also important to note that there is a separate deductible for prescription drugs. Patients who need medications to help them cope with various aspects of recovery, such as detox or facing co-occurring disorders, need to make sure they have the room in their budget to account for this charge.

When it comes to inpatient or outpatient treatment, there will typically be a low copayment for outpatient services and a coinsurance requirement for inpatient.


The Gold level plans have deductibles that are slightly higher than  the Platinum plan. Like the higher ranked plans, the Gold level plans often include prescription drug deductibles that must be met. You will also have a copay when you visit outpatient services and a coinsurance requirement when you go through inpatient services.


The Silver level deductibles are higher than the Gold level, but you will also pay less each month with your premium. There are some plans under this classification that do have a separate deductible for prescription drugs while others have everything included in the general deductible. Like the other plans, you will have a copayment for outpatient substance abuse treatment and a coinsurance requirement for inpatient help.


The Bronze plans generally have the lowest monthly premiums but the highest deductibles. These plans are also generally compatible with a Health Savings Account. With an HSA, you can set aside money in a tax-free account that can be used to cover certain medical expenses, such as your deductible. If you know that rehab will be needed, this account can be used to help budget for deductibles as well as other treatment-associated costs, such as detox, long-term treatment, or aftercare.

As patients prepare to enter rehab, they will need to carefully evaluate how they are going to finance their treatment. When they and their loved ones understand what insurance will cover, they can make better choices about treatment options and providers to avoid unnecessary personal costs.


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