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If you live in Alabama and need treatment for substance abuse and/or mental or behavioral health concerns, you can get help paying for the cost of your treatment through an insurance plan on the health insurance exchange. One provider, United Healthcare, offers numerous plans that include these health services.

In Alabama, you have the option of Compass plans, with or without a health savings account, through United Healthcare. None of these plans provide coverage outside of the network, but you will be able to find facilities within the Compass network that accept your health insurance. You have bronze, silver, gold and platinum plans to choose from, which vary in how much you pay compared to how much the plan covers.

For example, the platinum level will cover the most, although you’ll need to spend more on your monthly premium. By contrast, bronze will cover the least, while also possessing the lowest monthly premium.

Each plan helps you pay for your preference of inpatient or outpatient treatment, whether you need to go for a substance abuse, mental health, and/or a behavioral health problem. The number of the plan coincides with the deductible for an individual on the plan. With some plans, health services will cost more if you do not get a referral from your primary network doctor. Also, keep in mind that the coverage of your actual plan might vary.

Compass Plans

United Healthcare offers numerous plans in HMO Alabama. At the bronze level is the 4200 plan. This plan requires a 30 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient care after the deductible is covered.

The silver level includes three options. The 2000 plan comes with a $40 co-pay for each outpatient visit or a 25 percent co-insurance for inpatient care after you pay the deductible. The 4000 plan requires a $20 cop-ay for outpatient visits and a 10 percent co-insurance for inpatient services after the deductible. And the 5000 plan includes a $25 co-pay for each visit in an outpatient facility or a 20 percent co-insurance after the deductible for an inpatient facility.

There are two available gold options. Pick the 1000 plan if you would like a $20 co-pay for outpatient visits or a 20 percent co-insurance for inpatient services after the deductible is paid. Or opt for the 1500 plan to pay a $10 co-pay for each visit to an outpatient treatment center or a 10 percent co-insurance once you pay the deductible.

At the high end, is platinum, which is the 250 plan. This plan requires a $15 co-pay for outpatient visits or a 10 percent co-insurance for inpatient care once the deductible is covered.

HSA Plan

With the Compass HSA plans, you get a health savings account on top of your health benefits. You will be able to use money you save in the account toward qualified healthcare costs. This money is not taxed, so you can make the most of paychecks to help pay for treatments.

In Alabama, United Healthcare offers one plan at each level from the bronze to gold levels. The bronze 6275 plan requires a 40 percent co-insurance for inpatient and outpatient services after you finish paying the deductible. At the silver level, the 3600 plan costs you a 0 percent co-insurance on inpatient and outpatient facilities once you pay the deductible. And the gold level 1300 plan requires a 10 percent co-insurance after the deductible for both inpatient and outpatient healthcare services.

The cost of mental health and substance abuse treatment should not be the deciding factor that holds you back from recovery. An Alabama health insurance plan can pay for part of the cost of your treatment, so you are not responsible for coming up with all of the money by yourself. Look into these plans to figure out which one will best help you get the care you need.

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