Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Wisconsin

For those who are interested in purchasing health insurance in Wisconsin, it is crucial to understand that there are many policies to choose from. The exact terms of coverage are determined by the plan that a person chooses to buy, but not matter the plan, some type of coverage will likely be available for substance abuse treatment. Obtaining treatment for addiction issues is of the utmost importance because it can help lead to a long-lasting recovery. If you’re wondering about the best policy to invest in for substance abuse treatment coverage in Wisconsin, please take a moment to review the following information.

When it comes to Humana insurance plans in Wisconsin, there are three basic categories to choose from — Silver, Bronze, and Basic, with the latter being the least expensive in terms of premiums. Here’s a closer look at two Humana plans in Wisconsin,both of which provide coverage for prescription drugs, emergency care, and preventative care. With coverage for these expenses, it becomes possible to use Humana for costs related to substance abuse treatment, which is paramount to those who are seeking recovery.

What Services Are Covered By Humana For Substance Abuse Treatment?

The services involved in substance abuse treatment are typically needed from day one of sobriety. In fact, most addiction experts claim that day one of recovery should be spent in a detox program. Humana provides coverage for detox services when they are obtained through an approved provider. Detox services often include:

  • Inpatient treatment
  • Medical assistance
  • Prescriptions
  • Individual counseling
  • Group therapy sessions

Once detox has been completed, services from an actual addiction treatment center will be needed. These services are usually similar to the ones listed above, except they are much more intensive and in-depth. For example, during detox, individual counseling sessions will likely take place only one to two times. When in an addiction treatment center, though, individual counseling will be obtained at least once to twice a week for 30 to 180+ days. As to be expected, this type of counseling will be much more expensive than it is during detox.

After treatment has ended, aftercare services will be highly recommended. It is through these services that an ongoing progress report can be maintained, helping the person in recovery from relapsing. Aftercare services usually consist of individual and group counseling sessions.

Using Humana To Cover Addiction Treatment Services

The Humana Basic 6850/ChoiceCare PPO + Children’s Dental plan provides excellent coverage for substance abuse treatment. Policyholders will enjoy 100 percent coverage for diagnostic and assessment visits for their addiction needs after a $25 copay is made for the first three visits. After the first three visits and the deductible is met, 100 percent coverage still remains for in-network providers.

The plan will also pay 100 percent for substance abuse treatment provided by an in-network provider after the deductible is met. If treatment is obtained through an out-of-network provider, policyholders must pay 25 percent of the costs after the deductible.

The Humana Bronze 4850/ChoiceCare PPO + Children’s Dental plan also provides great coverage for diagnostic and assessment services for substance abuse. These services are covered 100 percent once the policyholder pays a copay for the first three visits and then 20 percent copayments are required after the deductible has been met — $25 for PCP, $50 for retail clinic, $75 for urgent care, and $75 for specialist.

If a policyholder chooses to use an out-of-network provider, they are responsible for 40 percent of the expense after the deductible has been met. For addiction treatment center services, policyholders must pay for 20 percent of the expenses once the deductible.

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