Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Vermont

Checking into a rehab facility is the best way to eliminate your addiction and start over with your relationships, your job, and the rest of your life. Now that you’re committed to a new way of living, it’s time to find a facility that will provide great care at a cost that fits your budget. When you use a Vermont Humana health insurance plan, you’ll be able to lower your financial burden.

Humana Group Coverage

In your state of Vermont, you can gain coverage through Humana with an employer group plan. Humana offers numerous types of plans, so you’ll need to check on the plans that are available to you. Your exact plan benefits will depend on the specific plan you have, but you should gain coverage through your group insurance for substance abuse and addiction treatment.

Humana offers high-deductible, co-insurance, copay, indemnity, and self-funded options. There is also a Simplicity plan with copays for treatment and no deductibles for network providers. Within the different categories, Humana also allows employers to choose from HMO plans with providers in the network, PPO plans that also allow out-of-network treatment and NPOS plans that provide in-network and out-of-network coverage, with reduced costs in the network.

Specific Mental Health and Substance Abuse Coverage

Humana offers behavioral health insurance for companies to provide their employees. There are integrated plans that combine medical and behavioral health needs or separate managed behavioral health plans, including utilization management for complete mental health needs and complex case management for more difficult chronic concerns.

The utilization management helps employees have outpatient visits with psychiatrists, counselors, psychologists, and other mental health professionals that are within the Humana network. The complex case management helps match employees with the right kind of care they need, including inpatient treatment. There is also follow-up care provided after you finish an inpatient treatment program to help you continue with your recovery process.

With Humana health insurance, you can take advantage of different kinds of rehab programs. In addition to visiting various health professionals for visits, you also have the option of going to an intensive outpatient care program or inpatient care. Humana plans offer inpatient detoxification treatment, inpatient psychiatric care, partial hospitalization, and other types of treatment. You might even be able to choose a holistic or wilderness program. You would simply need to get your plan to pre-authorize your treatment to make sure the plan will help pay for some of the costs of that specific treatment.

Based on your plan benefits, you get up to 20 outpatient visits. The plan then decides whether to authorize extra visits depending on your behavioral health needs.

Get Started Toward Treatment

Health care costs can be a burden for many people and it’s no different with substance abuse and mental health care needs. But an insurance plan through Humana can take care of some of your treatment costs so you don’t have to pay as much on your own. By contacting, you can learn more about how Humana can help you recover a sober lifestyle.

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