Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In South Carolina

For those who are in need of substance abuse services, it is paramount to enter into a treatment facility as soon as possible. The sooner the treatment is obtained, the more effective and and longer-lasting the results will likely be. And the longer-lasting the positive results can last, the less likely a person is to relapse. In fact, if a person stays clean in recovery for at least 24 months, their chances of relapsing are reduced to 50 percent.

Fortunately, for those in South Carolina who have Humana insurance, it’s possible to obtain this type of treatment. You may have to pay a deductible or copayment, but it’s a payment well worth making if you can obtain a drug-free lifestyle.

Humana Coverage For Substance Abuse Treatment In South Carolina

When buying a Humana health insurance plan in South Carolina, it is important to understand what is covered. It depends on your exact policy as to which substance abuse services are covered. For example, if a person purchases a Humana policy through an employer, the exact terms of coverage will likely vary from the terms found in an individually-purchased policy.

Most policies, however, have a 50 percent coverage rate after the deductible. This applies to inpatient, outpatient, and substance abuse therapy sessions. For instance, if the Humana policy has a $2,500 individual deductible, then a policyholder would be responsible for the $2,500 and 50 percent of the other accompanying expenses.

That might seem costly, but it’s important to note that treatment is one of the most effective ways to stay sober. In fact, high-quality treatment is the only thing that saves some people from death or being incarcerated due to their addiction issues.

When speaking with an insurance agent about the specifics of your coverage, make sure to look for coverage under the following terms:

  • Mental health
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Inpatient substance abuse
  • Outpatient substance abuse
  • Detox

Are Detox Services Covered By Humana Insurance?

One of the most important parts of the addiction recovery process is medically-assisted detoxification, as many people have been known to pass away during detox when not receiving proper services. To avoid complications, detox services are recommended by all substance abuse specialists. Thankfully, Humana covers at least a portion of them.

It depends on the clinic that you go to — hospital or specialty clinic — as to the portion of the detox services that will be covered. For many Humana policyholders, all detox services are covered as long as they are obtained through a hospital and the annual deductible has been met.

Is It Better To Complete Inpatient Or Outpatient Treatment?

Substance abuse experts have long claimed that inpatient treatment is far more effective than outpatient treatment. And while both types prove to be of the utmost benefit to anyone going through addiction issues, studies have shown that inpatient tends to be much more effective. With this in mind, policyholders should do their best to acquire inpatient treatment before entering into an outpatient program.

So if you’re interested in learning more about Humana coverage and rehabilitation,please contact us at to learn more. Our counselors can help guide you back to the drug-free life that you deserve.

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