Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Pennyslvania

In Pennsylvania, the best way to get Humana health insurance is through a group plan. Humana has several practical plans available to employers who meet their criteria. As one of the largest insurance providers in the country, Humana tends to customize their plans. If you are facing rehab for drug or alcohol addiction, the amount the company pays towards the plan will depend on the group options available to you. If you are lucky enough to have insurance with this provider, it can help you manage the expense of drug treatment.

About Humana Group Insurance Plans

Humana has a vast portfolio of group medical insurance plans and the exact benefits vary. In most cases, the group plan will give you several options, so you can pick a policy that suits your lifestyle and medical needs.

Humana Total Health

Humana Total Health is a full-service plan that focuses on wellness to help prevent chronic problems that can lower the quality of your life. With this in mind, the plan covers a variety of mental health services. This means they partner with you to find the right drug treatment options and even help you decide if you need inpatient or outpatient care. What they pay towards the treatment depends on the plan.

High Deductible Health Plan

High deductible plans are set up to work in conjunction with a pretax health savings plan. The allows plan participants to put their money into an interest-bearing savings account earmarked for health care instead of paying it to the insurance provider via high monthly premiums.

The downside to this plan structure is the high deductible. In some situations, you have to meet that deductible before the company pays. The money to cover the deductible would come out of your health savings account. Not all treatments require you to meet the deductible first.

Health Maintenance Organization

Health Maintenance Organization plans require that work with specific health care providers within a network of providers. If you go outside of the Human network in Pennsylvania, they may refuse to help with your treatment.

The Humana HMO plan also requires you to get a referral for treatment. Your doctor will work to coordinate your care by deciding what type treatment you need and for how long to ensure that the treatment is medically necessary.

Humana Classic

Humana Classic is the opposite of an HMO. You can pick the physician and treatment facility that you want without worrying about staying in the network. This opens up your treatment options for rehab and detox. With this plan, you also don’t have to worry about referrals.

Humana Simplicity

With Humana Simplicity, you don’t have to worry about a deductible as it is based on copayments. However, the copayment may vary between a flat amount or a percentage. For example, Humana may pay 60 percent of the cost for drug treatment, meaning you are responsible for the other 40 percent.

What Humana Pays For Drug Rehab and Detox

Since Humana offers such a wide variety of medical insurance plans to employers, the benefits vary. It is likely you will have multiple options to choose when selecting a health insurance plan.

No matter what Humana plan you end up with, this provider will pay at least a portion of the cost of treatment whether you enter a residential facility or opt for outpatient care. To learn more or to get help choosing the best possible policy for your treatment, please contact us at to learn more. Our counselors will give you the guidance you need to regain a sober lifestyle.

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