Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Mississippi

Health insurance can be the key that helps many people achieve more affordable treatment for substance abuse, addiction and mental illness. In Mississippi, Humana has many individual insurance plans that all offer coverage for these types of healthcare needs. This assistance brings you closer to recovery and the new life you’re hoping for.

Treatment Coverage From Humana Plans

In Mississippi, Humana offers PPO plans. Whereas HMO plans limit you to providers within the network, PPO plans continue to offer you coverage if you visit providers that are not part of the network. Nonetheless, you benefit from using the network because you get a lower deductible for using it, and Humana pays more of your care costs for network providers. Expect the deductible to be the number found in each plan’s name. This is the deductible for an individual who obtains care in the network, while there is a different one for families and those seeking care outside the network. You’ll be expected to pay off your deductible before the plan will help you with your treatment costs.

You’ll be able to take advantage of a wide array of treatment types under the Humana network, including detoxification from a substance, psychiatric care in an inpatient facility, outpatient services and others. This is because of the range of health professionals and facilities within the network, such as psychologists, counselors, and social workers. You might even be able to get your insurance to cover holistic and wilderness treatment opportunities. You’ll just need to get pre-approval from Humana for certain types of treatment — this helps ensure that it is covered and that you don’t have to pay a fee for skipping pre-authorization.

Mississippi Plans to Choose From

You have plans at different levels you are able to pick from as a citizen of Mississippi. Choose a catastrophic plan if you want to have base coverage. Otherwise, pick from bronze, silver, gold or platinum plans. The higher the metal’s value, the higher the percentage of treatment costs the plan covers. Nonetheless, you pay more for your monthly bills for that extra coverage, but it can be worth it when you plan to have a lot of healthcare needs. That could be the case when you’re planning to enter a treatment facility or visit an outpatient program.

The Humana Bronze 6300 plan comes with a no-charge co-insurance for network providers and a 25 percent co-insurance for non-network providers. This is the same whether you enter an inpatient facility or choose outpatient visits. You have another bronze option as well, which is the Humana Bronze 4850 plan. This plan has an in-network co-insurance of 20 percent and an out-of-network co-insurance of 40 percent, both for inpatient and outpatient care.

At the silver level, you can sign up for the Humana Silver 3650 plan. This comes with no charge if you visit one of the professionals or facilities in Humana’s network, whether it’s on an inpatient or outpatient basis. Go somewhere else, and expect to pay a 25 percent co-insurance. Another silver option is the Humana Silver 3200 plan. It provides care at a 20 percent co-insurance for network providers or a 40 percent co-insurance for non-network providers.

For a gold offering, choose the Humana Gold 2500 plan. Along with a lower deductible, it has a co-insurance of 20 percent for in-network care and one of 40 percent for non-network care. This is for inpatient facilities and outpatient services. Certain parts of Mississippi can benefit from a platinum level plan, which is the Humana Platinum 1000 plan. Your cost on this plan would be a 20 percent co-insurance if you seek services inside the Humana network or a 40 percent co-insurance if you stray outside it. The catastrophic option is the Humana Basic 6600 plan. With this plan, your outpatient treatment or inpatient services won’t cost anything if you stay in the network, while out-of-network providers will cost a 25 percent co-insurance.

Using an insurance plan for substance abuse and mental health services can make them more affordable, similar to using your plan for other types of healthcare needs. This could be the chance you’ve been waiting for to find help in the way you need it.

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