Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Maryland

The idea of going to a rehab center might seem like a far-off hope or dream, but it doesn’t have to be. Entering a treatment program to work on overcoming an alcohol or drug dependency can be a reality for anyone. If price is a concern, check the options in your area for different types of treatments and facilities that are less expensive than others. Also, your health insurance plan provides a way to reduce your costs, since health insurance covers this type of care. In Maryland, Humana is one of the insurance carriers that can provide you with coverage.

Humana Options In Maryland

In Maryland, your insurance is part of the Virginia market. The following provides a sampling of plan options, while you might be able to find additional Humana health insurance plans that could help you. These plan details give you an idea of what a Humana plan could do for you when it comes to substance abuse and mental health care coverage. In your state, you could choose a Humana One plan. With Humana One, you have the option of high-deductible plans, with the choice of a health savings account, and copay plans. These plans all come with an extensive network of providers.

One copay plan is the Portrait: Share 80 Plus Rx Unlimited plan. It has a deductible of $1,000 for an individual who receives care in the network. This plan covers dependency on alcohol or drugs, as well as mental health concerns. It pays 80 percent for inpatient care after you take care of the deductible, if you stay in the network. Outside the network, the plan pays for 60 percent. This coverage lasts for 25 days in a year up to the age of 18 or 20 days for those 19 and up. This plan also takes care of outpatient care, providing 20 visits in a year. It pays 80 percent after the deductible for the first five visits and 50 percent for the rest of the visits. Outside the network, it covers 60 percent of the first five visits and then 50 percent. Another copay option is the Autograph: Share 80 Plus Rx plan. It has an individual deductible of $5,000 in the network. It covers the same amounts as the Portrait plan, but has a different deductible and lower monthly payments.

A high-deductible option, which comes with lower monthly premiums, is the Monogram: Total Plus Rx plan. The individual deductible in the network is $7,500. After you pay the deductible, the plan pays 100 percent of your inpatient care in the network or 75 percent outside the network. This plan covers 25 days in a year if you’re up to age 18 or 20 days for those older. If you’d prefer an outpatient program, you can go for up to 20 days in a year. The plan covers 100 percent after you pay the deductible for the first five visits and then 50 percent for the rest. Out of the network, it covers 75 percent for the first five and then 50 percent.

Then you have Humana Autograph options, including the Total plan and the Total Plus plan. After you pay the deductible, they both provide 100 percent coverage for inpatient care in the network and 70 percent outside the network. For outpatient care, they both provide 100 percent after the deductible for the first five visits and then 50 percent after that. Outside the network, it’s 70 percent and then 50 percent. These plans both offer coverage for the same number of calendar days as the previous plans. A main difference between these plans is the deductible options. With both, you can have a health savings account.

Taking Advantage of Your Plan

When you are covered by Humana, use your plan to find affordable treatment within the network to keep your costs down. The Humana network provides coverage for you to go to a wide variety of professionals and treatment centers. You could receive counseling and other types of care. Check which types of care your plan will cover, such as detoxification and holistic treatment programs. No matter what, your plan will help you start over.

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