Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Kentucky

Making changes to a personal lifestyle takes time and effort. When an individual abuses drugs or alcohol, he or she needs professional assistance to start making positive changes. By understanding a current health insurance policy, individuals can focus on accomplishing personal goals and start improving their lifestyle and situation.

Treatment Options in Kentucky

Treating an addiction or a mental health disorder depends on personal concerns and health. Generally, an insurance policy from Humana offers a place to start when looking at treatment programs; however, an individual or a family member must compare different programs to find the best tools for the needs of a specific individual.

A key factor to consider before starting treatment in any program is the level of personalization. Ideally, a program will offer a personalized treatment plan and use multiple tools to help address substance abuse. A holistic program, which takes a whole-person approach to recovery, allows a loved one to obtain treatment for substance abuse, mental health disorders and even physical ailments by using a variety of tools and treatment options. Evidence-based treatments, which focus on programs that have scientific evidence to back up recovery results, also help with long-term goals. Cognitive therapy and behavior modification are considered evidence-based treatments.

Traditional treatments are available in most programs, including outpatient treatment plans and inpatient programs. Generally, traditional treatments refer to programs like counseling, group therapy, and family therapy. It works on building a strong support network while addressing the underlying causes of an addiction.

Regardless of the details in a program, individuals also want to look for facilities that offer detox services. A medically-supervised detox program helps reduce the risk of complications during the first days of recovery.

Coverage from Humana

Humana offers a variety of health insurance policies in Kentucky to help with long-term goals and health concerns. In general, the coverage depends on the policy that individuals select based on the needs of their family.

In Kentucky, individuals can choose from a basic policy to a Platinum policy. A basic policy offers limited coverage and primarily handles basic preventative care and emergency care. It will usually cover any emergency detox services or overdose treatments, but it does not necessarily cover the full cost of treatment in an inpatient or outpatient program.

Bronze and Silver policies offer more comprehensive coverage and offer tools for mental health disorders and substance use disorders. As standard policies, the Bronze and Silver plans have a high deductible and a low monthly payment when compared to other options.

Gold and Platinum policies are more comprehensive and offer coverage for most healthcare needs, including treatments for addiction and mental health disorders. The downside of the policy is the monthly cost. Generally, Gold and Silver policies have a higher monthly cost with a lower out-of-pocket expense.

While each policy offers coverage for mental health disorders and substance abuse, some limitations or exceptions apply to most policies. Read the details of the policy to avoid any complications with a personal budget.

Special Considerations for Treatment

Before starting treatment, evaluate the policy for any exceptions or limitations. An exception refers to any treatment or program that the policy does not cover. For example, a policy does not always cover the cost of out-of-network treatments, so it is necessary to focus on in-network programs.

Limitations in any policy depend on the details of the plan; however, most policies limit the duration of treatment or set limits on the type of treatments that the policy covers. In some cases, out-of-network treatment programs have limited coverage that helps with the costs, but it does not fully cover the expense when compared to the coverage available to address in-network treatments. Use the limitations and exceptions as a tool to help identify the right treatment program based on personal goals and concerns.

Selecting a Program

Treating an addiction to drugs or alcohol starts with identifying the coverage available in a current policy. In Kentucky, residents have several coverage options available through Humana and the policies cover most healthcare needs. To find the right treatment program to address personal goals or for more details about the options available for recovery in Kentucky, use the tools at today.

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