Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Iowa

Just how important is an individual’s health insurance plan when it comes to seeking rehabilitative treatment for drugs or alcohol? For many, their healthcare coverage could be the difference between receiving the care that they need or not receiving it at all. This is especially true when it comes to inpatient rehabilitative treatment, which is widely considered to be the most effective form of treatment for serious substance abuse issues. That’s because – unlike outpatient treatment where an individual attends one or two meetings per week and goes about living their lives out as normal – inpatient treatment consists of checking one’s self into a specialty treatment center for 30, 60, 90, or up to 120 days for intensive, around the clock treatment, whether it’s via conventional, alternative or holistic means.

But one of the big differences between inpatient and outpatient rehabilitative treatment, whether it’s in Iowa or elsewhere in the country, is the cost. For instance, outpatient treatment is generally much more affordable than inpatient treatment due to the nature of the care involved. And getting back to our point that we opened with, sometimes these costs of inpatient therapy can be too much for people to pay out of their own pockets. Hence, the importance of a quality health insurance plan.

In the state of Iowa, one healthcare provider is Humana, and many Humana health plans cover some of, if not all of, an individual’s stay in an inpatient rehabilitation center to receive treatment for substance abuse. This post will take a more detailed look into the basics and specifics of Humana’s healthcare offerings in Iowa.

Humana in Iowa – Plan Basics

As we noted previously, Humana offers healthcare for both individuals and families in the state of Iowa under its HumanaOne brand. Specifically, HumanaOne health plans are designed for people who are unable to be insured by their employer. Such plans are designed to be affordable and convenient, while also offering members freedom and flexibility in terms of where they seek their medical care.

There are three main types of HumanaOne plan categories – Portrait, Autograph and Monogram, all of which offer varying levels of coverage for plan members. Portrait plans are considered to be the best, similar to a top notch employee benefits program that one would normally receive from their employer. These plans come with low deductibles and high coverage amounts. The next best plan is Autograph, and after that there’s Monogram. Autograph plans generally come with higher deductibles than Portrait plans, and Monogram plans come with higher deductibles than Autograph ones.

Iowa Humana Rehab Center Insurance Coverage

It’s estimated that substance abuse and drug use costs the U.S. some $190 billion annually, about $11 billion of which factors into healthcare costs. Not all healthcare providers cover inpatient treatment, but many of the HumanaOne health plans offered to residents of Iowa cover it – to a certain extent.

For instance, the Humana 6450 plan is a popular one offered, and it comes with a high deductible of $6,450. However, under the terms of this plan, after an individual meets the $6,450 deductible, they’re not required to pay anything for many additional services, one of these being inpatient rehabilitative treatment. So essentially, under this plan, the maximum inpatient treatment will cost is $6,450.

Another popular plan is the Silver 4125, which has a comparatively lower deductible of $4,125. Like the previous plan mentioned above, after an individual meets their deductible under this plan, inpatient treatment is covered 100 percent.

All Humana plans vary, and may also differ depending on where in the state of Iowa one lives, so be sure to consult with a Humana representative to get a better idea on what plan might be best for your situation.

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The first step to overcoming an issue with drugs or alcohol is admitting that there’s a problem. After that, there’s the task of treating it – and health insurance can help greatly in this. For more information on Humana healthcare options to those in the state of Iowa, and for more information on healthcare in general, visit today. The comprehensive resource has everything- and more -to link you or your loved one to the best information when it comes to overcoming substance abuse.

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