Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In Delaware

When it comes to obtaining help for a substance abuse problem, there are many services to take advantage of. From cognitive behavioral therapy to group counseling sessions, it is imperative that treatment be sought as soon as possible to help ensure that recovery goes as smoothly as possible. And when using Humana health insurance, policyholders can rest assured that certain substance abuse services in Delaware will be covered.

Are there certain types of detox services covered by Humana insurance?

For those who suffer from addiction problems, it is paramount that detox services be obtained before treatment actually begins. In doing this, it becomes possible for the body and mind to respond positively to the treatment process. Depending on the type of Humana insurance that a person has, there are a variety of detox services covered by Humana; however, the exact terms of coverage will determine how much of the expenses are covered. For instance, if a person has a policy that pays 80 percent after a $2,500 deductible is met, then the person would be responsible for $2,500 plus 80 percent of the detox services. And while this may seem like a lot, meeting this deductible will help contribute toward the out-of-pocket costs accompanied with entering into an actual treatment program.

Types of services covered by Humana

For those who are wondering about the types of substance abuse services covered by Humana, it’s comforting to know that many are compensated for. From group therapy sessions to individualized counseling sessions, these services can prove pertinent to the overall recovery process. In fact, the more services that are taken advantage of, the higher the success rate for a positive recovery.

With the Humana Basic 6850/ChoiceCare plan, policyholders will need to make a $25 copayment for the first three visits that are used for diagnosing the person with substance abuse disorder. In some instances, three visits won’t be needed. If more than three are needed, the plan pays 100 percent once the deductible has been met; this is for in-network providers. For out-of-network providers, policyholders will pay 25 percent for all mental health diagnostic visits after the deductible has been paid. For treatment itself, 100 percent coverage is provided as long as the deductible has been met and the person is receiving services from an in-network provider.

The Humana Gold 2250/ChoiceCare policy does not require a deductible to be met before coverage kicks in. 100 percent coverage for diagnostic visits is provided, except for the following copayments:

  • $20 for PCP
  • $30 for retail clinic
  • $40 for specialist
  • $40 for urgent care

This policy then goes on to cover 80 percent of in-network treatment costs once the deductible has been paid. Policy holders can discuss deductible options with a qualified insurance agent.

If you are wondering about your Humana health insurance and the type of coverage it will provide for substance abuse problems, it’s important to speak with a qualified insurance agent today about your plans exact terms of coverage. Not only can you become aware of the out-of-pocket expenses you’ll be responsible for, but you’ll also learn about the various treatment centers that are covered by Humana.

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