Rehab Centers That Accept Humana Insurance In California

With more than 20 million Americans suffering from a substance abuse disorder, many of which are as young as 12 years old, Humana Insurance in California offers a number of treatment options.

Options available to you, as a Humana insured do vary among the plans offered by Humana. While all Humana plans sold in California do cover substance abuse disorder treatment, the type of coverage varies based upon your individual or group contract.

In addition, every policy sold through Covered California, the state health insurance exchange, covers all essential health services covered under the Affordable Care Act including those for mental and behavioral services.

What Humana Covers for Substance Abuse Disorders in California

Humana insurance does offer behavioral and mental health services as part of the essential services it covers. Humana Insurance also treats substance use disorder as it does any medical illness within the coverage of your policy. Your policy sets your deductible and copays as well as determining if you are eligible for inpatient or outpatient treatment.

That said, experts agree that the only proven method for treating substance use disorder (alcohol or drug related) is expert substance use disorder treatment.

Getting and staying sober without professional help is a setup where failure is the usual outcome and most with an addiction problem that use this method end up relapsing after gaining sobriety.

Humana covers inpatient and outpatient treatment for those seeking ongoing sobriety. People who attend an inpatient facility have the greatest chance of recovery according to medical research. Right up there is also professional outpatient treatment. A distant third – so distant that it may not even be in the race is do it yourself detox and rehab. Going ‘cold turkey’ is a terrible idea – the motive is outstanding, it is the methodology that leaves much to be desired.

A patient suffering a substance use disorder that wants to become and stay sober is often afraid of the detox process – many have heard unbelievable stories concerning the discomfort and pain of detox. These tales are wildly exaggerated but still scare people with addiction problems. In California, Humana Insurance provides for either inpatient or outpatient detox that is medically supervised and works far better than cold turkey. When detox is done under medical supervision you are monitored often to ensure you stay healthy and out of danger. The following list helps you understand how Humana may cover your substance use disorder treatment.

If you have substance abuse needs with Humana Insurance

  • Substance abuse outpatient services
    • Your cost if you use a network provider
      • $25 copay/visit
    • Your Cost if You Use a Non-Network Provider
      • 50% coinsurance
    • Humana Limitations & Exceptions
      • None
  • Substance abuse inpatient services
    • Your cost if you use a network provider
      • 20% coinsurance
    • Your Cost if You Use a Non-Network Provider
      • 50% coinsurance
    • Humana Limitations & Exceptions
      • Preauthorization may be required, penalty may apply

For exact coverage determinations, contact Humana as each policy may have additional copays and/or coinsurance requirements.

Outpatient Programs

If you meet some the following situations, consider an outpatient treatment program.

  1. You have a strong at-home support system;
  2. There are 12-step programs in your neighborhood;
  3. You need to continue working; and
  4. You can avoid old haunts and acquaintances involved in your past substance abuse.

Inpatient Programs

Many patients prefer going through the rehabilitation process at an inpatient facility. Many rehabilitation centers contracted with Humana in California typically offers 28- to 30-day stays. The ambiance is important at an inpatient rehab center as patients need to feel calm and relaxed. Often, facilities have gorgeous gardens, pools, and walking paths outside and comfortable meeting rooms and treatment rooms inside. Rooms often rival luxury hotels. This is so patients can focus on regaining and keeping their sobriety.
Humana Substance Abuse Treatment Features

Human plans bought by individuals or employers in California have the following protections. You cannot be charged a higher premium because of pre-existing conditions including substance use disorders. Also, there is no cap on lifetime benefits for any illnesses including those related to addiction of illicit drugs, prescription drugs or alcohol products.

In California, Human Health Insurance meets parity with medical and surgical benefits. What this means to you is that your coverage for substance abuse disorder treatment cannot have more restrictive limits placed on it than those for your medical and surgical care. Financially this means that the same copays and deductibles apply to addiction treatment as to medical and surgical treatments. For treatment, there is no difference in days covered or visits covered, and care management must be the same as well – only requiring authorization as it relates to medical and surgical care.

Humana Health Insurance offers a number of plans. All cover addiction services as any other medical illness.

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