Rehab Centers That Accept Cigna Insurance In Puerto Rico

Cigna offers international medical insurance plans for those who wish to seek help with achieving a sober life. Rehab centers are known for their high price tag, making Cigna’s health insurance a helpful way to end substance abuse issues. Cigna offers three tiers of coverage for international medical insurance: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

Each tier of coverage provides some benefit for addiction treatment: Silver provides for $5,000 worth of treatment; Gold provides for $10,000 worth of treatment; and Platinum pays for treatment in full. Depending on which plan you have, you may wish to pursue different levels of treatment. The best place to begin is with your primary care physician.

The Road To Substance Abuse Treatment

Schedule a meeting with your primary care physician or a local substance abuse counselor and discuss what you’re going through. Ask what they recommend and make sure to honestly answer all their questions. They’re going to ask a number of difficult personal questions to determine the severity of your substance abuse problem. They’ll aim to discover:

The substance(s) being abused, including regularity and doses
Any other co-occurring mental conditions
The support available from friends and family
Your overall living situation, primarily if you’re able to not use the substance in your home
How treatment will be paid for

If you have a lower tier plan, your doctor will work within your coverage limits to minimize the cost that you have to pay out of pocket. Once you’ve consulted with a doctor or substance abuse counselor, they’ll recommend an inpatient or outpatient treatment plan.

Inpatient Programs Vs Outpatient Programs

Both forms of treatment aim to help patients through withdrawals, provide counseling and impart life skills to avoid a relapse. Both typically include a 12-step program, group therapy, individual therapy, medical care, family therapy, and drug and alcohol education.

Inpatient programs require the patient to stay overnight at a facility, typically 1-6 weeks. It includes more intensive medical and psychological care and is designed for people who need to be isolated from the outside world during their recovery. These benefits mean that inpatient treatment is ideal for those who:

Have unsuccessfully tried outpatient programs in the past
Are dealing with a co-occurring mental condition or a physical illness
Live in a situation where staying away from the substance will be difficult
Simply don’t have access to outpatient programs in their area

Inpatient treatment provides more support for those who will benefit greatly from it. A team of substance abuse counselors and nurses will be available 24/7 to help manage withdrawal symptoms and provide counseling to get through the early difficult days.

Two Types Of Outpatient Programs

Outpatient programs may be ideal for many who are struggling with substance abuse. They are typically held at mental health clinics, hospitals, drug rehab centers, or counselor’s offices. There are two primary types of programs:

Standard Outpatient Treatment. This type of program typically consists of 1-2 therapy sessions per week, including a group therapy session.
Intensive Outpatient Treatment. This typically involves 10-20 hours of therapy over the course of three days every week. This schedule may last from 1-3 months.
Both types of outpatient programs allow the patient to sleep at their house and maintain a normal schedule. These programs are desirable for people who:

Are unable to take an extended leave of absence and don’t wish to quit their job
Would like to remain close to their loved ones
Are capable of staying away from the substance being abused within their home
Are unable to afford an inpatient program

Fortunately, those with Cigna International coverage will be able to have their treatment mostly covered. In fact, platinum members will have either form of treatment paid in full.

Make A Commitment To Sobriety

Even a fully-funded program will fail if the patient doesn’t commit to the program. Anyone looking to pursue a life of sobriety will need to fully commit themselves to treatment to reach their goal. However, it is much easier to commit if you know you won’t be struggling to pay for your treatment. Contact us today to get help sorting through your coverage and treatment options.

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